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Don’t Answer The Phone From These Area Codes

Linda Collins - June 22, 2020

CP - Dont Answer The Phone From These Area Codes

Sometimes you get a call from some unknown number that turns out to simply be a mistakenly dialed number from the caller. No harm, no foul. Of course now a days it’s more likely someone looking to steal your money. There is actually a list that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put together of area codes that they deem to be unsafe to answer.

Have you ever heard of the term “Wangiri”? Well, unless you are Japanese (from where the word originates) or are highly knowledgeable in the workings of phone scammers, you probably haven’t heard of Wangiri. Wangiri is Japanese for “one ring and cut”. The idea of this scam is to get you to answer and then hang up immediately hoping to intrigue you to call the number back, in which they charge your number as much as $20 for the call and up to $10 per minute while they keep you on the phone. There have even been reports of unfortunate people who have lost as much as $50 per minute on a Wangiri scam.

Telephone fraud is a global juggernaut that posts numbers up to $37 billion a year. But you can avoid becoming a victim by simply avoiding these area codes.

The FCC Advises Consumers To Never Answer Calls From These Area Codes (unless of course you recognize the number):

International Area Codes:

242 Bahamas 268 Antigua
441 Bermuda 664 Montserrat
784 St. Vincent and Grenadines 876 Jamaica
246 Barbados 284 British Virgin Islands
767 Dominica 721 St. Maarten
264 Anguilla 758 St. Lucia
649 Turks and Caicos 869 St. Kitts and Nevis
868 Trinidad and Tobago 345 Cayman Islands
473 Grenada, Carriacou and
Petite Martinique
809,829,849 Dominican Republic

Canadian Area Codes:

403,587,780 Alberta 306,639 Saskatchewan
204,431 Manitoba 902 Nova Scotia
506 New Brunswick 709,879 Newfoundland
867 Nunavut, Northwest Territory & Yukon Territory
236,250,604,778 British Columbia

U.S. Territories Area Codes::

684 American Samoa 787,939 Puerto Rico
671 Guam 340 U.S. Virgin Islands
670 Northern Mariana Islands

Also avoid numbers with area code 900 in the US and numbers that begin with 976 after the area code in Canada.

Am I In Danger If I Answer?

The One-Ring scams from these area codes cost consumers worldwide almost $2 Billion a year. The FCC has made it a point to warn about these kinds of calls in 2014, as well as again in 2019 as a second wave of these calls hit the lines.

Experts have predicted that nearly half of all calls in the United States by the end of 2019, will be scam calls. The chances are pretty significant that you’ll be a target during this time. But knowing what to avoid will help you keep your hard earned money right where you put it.

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