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If you are interested in renting or buying a property or if you want to find out if there are liens or judgments against a property owner, you can search property records for this information. Property records are legal documents related to home ownership or land. They contain vital information, which comprises reports stating who holds legal ownership of a property, also known as deeds, county assessor records, among other documents. They are part of the public domain which you or anyone else can access them to learn more about a particular property. There are plenty of reasons someone consults property records, like for boundary line disputes or will, inheritance, or lien disputes, to name a few.

Property Records Search

Types of property records

Documents related to land or home ownership when collected makes up property records and can include any or all of the items listed below:

  • County Assessor Records – A county assessor estimates the value of multiple properties — sometimes a whole neighborhood of complexes, buildings, homes, and so forth. The public record includes the assessment.
  • Property Tax Records – These are legal documents which detail the amount of property taxes paid to a jurisdiction. The records could also include information about the property value, land size, and what type of structure present on the property.
  • Land Records – These documents are a historical account of any transfers of public property from the government to private ownership and others. They chronicle all the previous owners of the public lands and any land use problems. The land records might also contain further background details about the owners, including but not limited to citizenship, birthplace, and age.
  • Deeds Records – The information detailed in these legal documents includes who holds legal ownership and details of the property, such as a commercial building, a plot of land, house, apartment building, and so forth. The deed records can also inform of phone numbers, addresses, and the name of the owner or owners.
  • Lien Records – If there is an amount for the property which an owner could not pay, it is in these documents. Liens are voluntary, which means there is a financial contract, such as a mortgage or they are involuntary, which is when a homeowner cannot pay what's owed.
  • Auditor Records – Included in these records are the documents containing information about government tax revenue, ownership transfers, assessment records, and property boundary details, among others.
  • County Appraiser Records – Similar to a county assessor, the county appraiser assesses the value of the land. The record could tell the estimated cost of the real property, which includes any structures on it. Usually, an appraisal gets done every three years, when the ownership of the property changes or when new construction occurs.

How can you get access to property records?

Property records are valuable to many parties because they have details about owners and property value. Many times, lawyers, real estate agents, and property owners consult them. In many jurisdictions or counties, they digitize public records, which makes it possible for you to use services like to access the information online. In other places, you may have to visit the county records department that keeps the legal documents. You may have to pay a fee to access property records, but all you need is the property address.

Going to the local county records department can be time-consuming, so besides the address, you may also need to have patience. When you do a property search through, you save time because the system can comb through the public records in minutes. Aside from the county records office, property records are accessible through the local tax assessor and the recorder's office or registrar of deeds.

Local Tax Assessor

The office of the tax assessor has records of ownership for every property evaluated for property taxes in the county or city of its jurisdiction. Information about tax liens, tax rates, assessment value, and tax exemptions are available to the public.

Deeds of ownership and other legal documents related to property transfers are at the government recorder's office or registrar of deeds. The office has the most up-to-date records about a property, including the latest deed or another document of transfer that has the name of the present legal owner. You can locate the county recorder's office in city hall, county courthouse, or another county department. Someone will assist you with your search, and for a nominal fee, you can request copies of registered documents.

Reasons to do a property search

Because property ownership and deeds are of the public domain, there are many reasons a person may want to conduct a property search. As previously mentioned, there is usually a process that can be very cumbersome and costly. With, you can cut through the red tape with a comprehensive search. Some reasons for wanting to do a property search can include:

  • A person needs to cross a property that doesn't allow trespassing or a person needs to know the boundaries of an owner's land.
  • A person is a prospective buyer of property and wants to know if there are any judgments against the owner or what taxes are outstanding.
  • A person could be a prospective tenant of a condo, apartment building, or vacant home and would like to know the owner or perhaps someone wants to put a business or office on the property.

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