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The Low Down On Reverse Phone Lookups

Nancy Patterson - June 19, 2020

CP - The Low Down On Reverse Phone Lookups

We are more connected today than any other time in recorded history. We all have a portable rolodex in our pockets full of everyone we know, a few people we used to know, and probably a few business related phone numbers. So when we get a phone call from an unknown number you already know that it’s likely not going to be a pleasant call. Do you bother to answer it? Or maybe you let them leave a message? When you don’t know who it is that is calling you, coming to the right answer can be challenging.

CheckPeople’s Reverse Phone Lookup removes the challenge. The CheckPeople proprietary algorithm puts the power in your hands. With billions of data metrics there is a high probability that CheckPeople will be able to unveil the identity behind the number trying to call you. It doesn’t matter if the numbers are unpublished or unlisted. It doesn’t matter if the number is a cellphone or a landline. The solution could be CheckPeople’s Reverse Phone Lookup.

Behind The Scenes of Reverse Phone Lookup

If you have ever done a phone number search on google you know that 99% of the time all you get is a string of websites that provide the same information, and unless you are lucky and get a bit of publicly published information typically you will find a message like, “We have the data, pay us for the search”.

CheckPeople does not make you pay by the search. They have a very affordable (VERY affordable) monthly membership fee, and you can run as many searches as you see fit.

CheckPeople uses billions of metric points sourced from public records data and public social media data to compile a profile. These profiles include information such as:


    First and last names, aliases the individual may have used as well as age.


    Includes the individuals current address as well as their address history.


    Many people have multiple emails. Some are active some are inactive. Your report will include this information.


    Public profiles will be uncovered as well as the possibility of uncovering hidden social media accounts!


    If the individual has a criminal past, it will show up in their report.


    Just like email addresses and location data, the report will show you their current or active phone numbers as well as a history of older phone numbers.


    The search attempts to make connections that are relevant to your individual. Potential contacts or relatives. This is based on their location history and family.

Why Would You Need to Use CheckPeople’s Reverse Phone Lookup?

There are many reasons to have a tool like CheckPeople in your back pocket that go beyond just the unkown callers. Here are just a few:


    Whether you are meeting someone to exchange goods, or meeting someone new for a date, if you have their phone number, it may be a good idea to do a quick lookup. Safety is important and information brings better decisions.


    Maybe you have someone new around the house? A babysitter or petsitter, maybe someone is there just to help tidy up from time to time.


    Knowing who you are talking to on the phone, lets you know just what level of trust to give them.


    Does an unknown number keep calling or texting your significant other? They may claim that it’s a telemarketer. You can know for sure by searching the number with our cell phone search. No more need to call the number back, leading to a potentially emotional and confrontational interaction. Once you know who your partner has been talking to, you have time to decide how to proceed.

Take the power become a member of CheckPeople today. You will be surprised how many uses you will find and just how often you find yourself using it.

We love it, and we think you will too!

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