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What You Need

Unlike other people finders, CheckPeople tries to keep things as simple as possible for our users. When you are ready to conduct a search with CheckPeople, you only need to know the person’s first and last name. That’s it! However, if the person has a very common name (i.e. John Smith), it will be beneficial to have a few other pieces of information on hand. You can narrow your search results if you know the city and state in which the person currently lives, or a city and state that they have previously lived in.

Phone Icon Reverse Phone Lookup

You can also do a reverse phone number lookup by simply entering the person’s cell phone or landline number. Look up any phone number to find out who it belongs to and even obtain more details about this person. Catch a mysterious repeat caller in the act or discover who your significant other keeps texting. You can even find their cyber footprint, including blogs, pictures, social media accounts and more.

Public Records

Our people finder utilizes public information such as:

  • Criminal Records

    A public records search will reveal any convictions and even any charges against the person in question. Criminal records are one of the primary reasons that our users search for people online. Whether you want to know what others can see of your own criminal history, or you want to learn more about the criminal activities of someone you know, a public records search can get the job done.

  • Civil Records

    Much like criminal records, civil records can tell you a lot about a person. These kinds of records include any information related to non-criminal court cases, like child custody, personal injury, or restraining orders. With this information, you can learn even more about a person’s dealings with other people and the court system.

  • Bankruptcies

    This can be extremely important if you are considering going into business or entering a relationship with someone. Whenever you choose to share your financial future with another person, you must be sure that they have been honest about their financial situation and any past bankruptcies they may or may not have had.

  • Liens

    A lien can occur when a person is unable to pay their debts, and their property (house, car, etc.) is temporarily seized until the money has been paid. Much like bankruptcies, this information is vital for understanding the financial responsibility of the person in question.

  • Lawsuits

    Public records include any lawsuits that a person has filed against someone else, as well as any lawsuits that have been filed against them. While not every lawsuit is open to the public, many do allow court documents to be included as part of the public record.

  • Phone Book Listings

    Rather than pulling out the phone book and searching for someone the old fashioned way, an online public records search does the work for you. You can find records one of two ways: by providing the first and last name of the person in question, or by providing a phone number.

  • Arrest Reports

    If the person you are looking up has ever been arrested, it will appear in a public records search.

  • Traffic Reports

    If the person in question has had any collisions or traffic violations (including DUIs or speeding tickets), they will also appear in your search.

  • Sexual Offender Status

    If you or a loved one are moving into a new neighborhood, or if someone new is moving in next door to you, you will want to know if they are on the sex offender registry. This information is vital for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Thankfully, a public records search will have this information readily available.

What You Get

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  • Full Names
  • Current and Prior Addresses
  • Immediate and Distant Relatives
  • Criminal Records
  • Traffic Records
  • Sexual Offender Status
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Online Dating Accounts
  • Contact Information

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What Our Search Results Provide

Our search results provide detailed information that helps you determine the identity and past information related to an individual. Included in each report is a detailed history of the individual’s criminal records, civil records, and much more.

Criminal Records

Each report we provide to our users contains accurate criminal records on the person on whom the search is conducted. The records show any arrests and convictions they have had over the years, and it can be helpful in determining whether or not a particular person you have questions about is responsible.

It is helpful to understand the criminal records of a potential date, neighbor or friend of your child to determine whether or not you or your loved ones are safe when around them. Whether the search reveals your daughter’s friend has a DUI or a potential date of yours has a completely clean record, either way, it is good to know and prepare for the people you deal with.

Social media accounts

Our People Search is designed to be used for much more than simply keeping you safe, although that is the main intent as well. In addition, our search reports provide information about the person’s social media accounts and contact information as well. By being able to locate social media accounts and phone numbers of a person, you now have the ability to reconnect with long-lost friends, family members you have not seen in a while or your high school sweetheart you have not talked to since college. In some cases, simply accessing a person’s social media accounts is a great way to get to know your child’s friends or a potential dating partner as well.

Much, much more

There are numerous reasons one may decide to use our People Search service, and each person has their own reasoning behind it. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, you can also use our service to find out the traffic records of a person who asked to borrow your car, or to check the relatives of a friend who says a famous celebrity is their cousin.

Regardless of the motive, as long as your intentions are pure and the law is followed, you can use our People Search for just about anything you can think of.

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Now it is time to perform your first people search! You can use our people search service to find out information about an old friend, a neighbor or yourself. Regardless of your purpose, one thing is for sure: you are likely to learn something about someone else that you did not already know, and the detailed results can help you make informed decisions about your interactions with a particular person.

Now that you know what all our people search can reveal and why it should be used, you can start your first search today on anyone who you are curious to learn more about! The process is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply enter in the person’s name, allow us to gather data and review the detailed records our sophisticated algorithm is able to find.

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The CheckPeople founders have more than 20 years of experience running internet businesses. We used our expertise to create a simple, intuitive, fast people search tool that everyone can access to conduct their own background checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question mark icon Why run a People Lookup Search with CheckPeople?

Here are some of the times when searching for people is acceptable and can be incredibly beneficial for learning more about a person:

  • Look up a lost love – If you ever wonder what happened to “the one that got away,” you need not worry any longer. If you have enough identifying information, it is really easy to track down important people from your past and find out how they are doing today.
  • Find family members – Do you have family members living across the country that you haven’t spoken to in years? Maybe you have biological family that you never knew about, and you wish to get to know them. In any case, police records can reveal a lot about your family members and help you reconnect with your loved ones.
  • Scope out an online date – Dating can be complicated, especially when you meet online and are unsure about meeting a complete stranger. If you doubt any information that they have provided, you can use a police records search to find out if your potential date has been completely truthful with you.
  • Locate addresses – There are a number of legitimate reasons that you may need to track down a residential or commercial address. When you search for police records, you can almost always learn the last known address of the person or organization you are looking for.
  • Research yourself – It may sound vain, but a lot of people are curious about their own public visibility. Do you have a criminal record from years ago and wonder if others will find out about it? No matter the reason, a police records search can help you see what others can find out about you online.
  • Search neighbors – While you may not sense any red flags when a new neighbor moves in next door, you can never be too careful when it comes to your safety and the safety of your family. Thankfully, a police records search can help give you peace of mind when there is a new person living in your neighborhood.

Of course, the honest, acceptable reasons for using a police records search are not limited to this list, and there are many other practical, moral reasons to use the service.

However, there are those who unfortunately may try and abuse the service for unethical reasons. For this reason, various guidelines have been put in place to keep individuals safe and free from unlawful discrimination. Here are the times when using an advanced background check is NOT acceptable:

  • Tenant screening – It is illegal for a landlord to run any form of background check or police records search on a potential tenant without the tenant’s written consent. However, usually, landlords will not rent a living space to a tenant without knowing their criminal history first, so most rental contracts include some form of background check consent.
  • Educational screening – Educational institutions are not allowed to discriminate against candidates for any reason. Therefore, running a police records search is strictly prohibited, as it could allow institutions of higher education to accept or deny candidates based on their criminal history.
  • Employment screening – Much like landlords and universities, employers cannot discriminate against individuals based on criminal activity. That said, many employers can ask for written consent from an applicant if they wish to do a police records search prior to making a decision.
  • Insurance programs – No one can be denied insurance simply because they committed a crime in the past. As a result, insurance providers cannot ask questions about criminal history, nor can they conduct a police records search on their insurance applicants.
  • Determine credit eligibility – It would be extremely unfair and illegal for banks or other lenders to discriminate against those with a criminal record. So, while these institutions may run a credit check on their applicants, they are not permitted to run a police records search.
  • Stalking people – Needless to say, police records searches for the sake of criminal activity is strictly forbidden. You cannot conduct a background check or police records search if you intend to use the information to stalk or harass another person.
  • Identity theft – While a police records search will not provide enough information on its own to allow someone’s identity to be stolen, it could be used in conjunction with other stolen information to reach the same end. Obviously, this is illegal and highly immoral, so you cannot use CheckPeople or any other police records search with intent to steal someone’s identity.

We provide instantaneous access to abundant contact information, background checks, public records, and more, all in one, easy-to-read printout report. Find people, contacts, and learn more about criminal records so that you can connect with others with a new peace of mind while protecting your own personal safety.

Question mark icon Is there a limit on how many people I can search?

With CheckPeople, you can get unlimited searches & reports! Our people search services are never meant to be used to stalk or harass individuals, or to steal another person’s identity. We are a safe and easy people search solution when other background check and people lookup services turn up dry.

While your first search with CheckPeople is free, you will need to pay a small monthly subscription fee in order to have access to unlimited searches.

Question mark icon What type of information will I find with CheckPeople?

Our people search service utilizes public information like criminal records, civil records, bankruptcies, liens, lawsuits, etc. All of this information powers our free people search service so that our clients can find anyone quickly and easily. You'll never have to wonder about the one who got away ever again. Are you looking for a lost love or family member? Are you searching for somebody who might have fallen through the cracks? We can help.

Question mark icon Is CheckPeople legal?

Public records are regulated by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA). Under FCRA laws, we are not considered a consumer reporting agency, so the information pulled from our website cannot be used for employment purposes (even for domestic help), tenant screening, determining insurance eligibility, or for stalking and harassing people.

If you are or were a criminal and have a criminal record, you are entitled to a copy of that record thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. As stated earlier, police records are a matter of public record, therefore they are available for free access to the public. The Freedom of Information Act states that any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or information, except for exemptions that are listed. This means that anyone in the U.S. can request basic information that is considered public record, such as voter’s registration, property deeds, or criminal records.

The U.S. system of recording and storing these police records isn’t always the easiest to navigate. Records can have issues crossing state lines, which is why it’s important to find a database that checks all states and compiles the findings. A lot of people say the U.S. should make it easier and have all records in one pool, but that’s just not how things are done.

Specializing in Online Criminal
Background Checks

Knowing someone's criminal history can help you decide just how close you're willing to get to them. You could take the time to track down court records at your local courthouse, or use our instant online person search tool from wherever you'd like. We will send you a full background report right away, ensuring that you protect your personal safety and feel comfortable deciding who to interact with.

You can instantly search billions of records from county, state, municipal, and federal courthouses. However, our service does not provide any information that violates the privacy set out in the Constitution or information that would allow someone’s identity to be stolen.

We do not give out information like social security numbers, credit scores, or employment history.

In any case, we still offer a plethora of useful information, and the final comprehensive report is easy to read and understand.

Photo Icon Arrest Reports

You can learn a lot about a person from an arrest report. Police can arrest people for everything from business violations, to violent crimes. Keep in mind, people can also be arrested even if they are only suspected of a crime. You are not convicted of a crime at the point of arrest. However, even learning that someone was in a position to be suspected of a crime may be enough to convince you to date someone else or continue searching for a roommate.

Magnifying Glass icon Unlimited Searches

Unlike most online people finders, CheckPeople offers you unlimited searches with one low, monthly fee. You are never charged per search, so you have the freedom to look up as many people as you'd like. Continue dating with confidence by searching for each potential crush. Get to know your neighbors without leaving your home. Quench your curiosity and give yourself peace of mind whenever you desire.

Document icon Accountability and Privacy

There is a reason some records are considered public in the U.S. Certain information is important in maintaining a transparent and accountable government. Information about where people have lived, what they’re paying taxes on, and whether they have been arrested is available publicly so that everyone can be held accountable, and treated fairly under the law. Privacy laws limit access to some records, but we strive to make sure everyone can easily find and understand those that remain public. Public records are vital for protecting ourselves and our families.

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Look up your own name and phone number to discover what others can find out about you. Many people don’t realize what information about themselves is open to the public. You may be shocked by which addresses, relatives, and court rulings are openly available.

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