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There are a number of ways to obtain birth records. You can look into church repositories, library archives, or visit the agency in charge of vital records in your state. This requires a whole lot of work. You have to deal with a lot of forms, talk to dozens of people, and go through the entire bureaucratic process involved in government transactions. In some cases, you will have to pay a certain amount of money to be allowed permission to access these records. The worst-case scenario is that after all these efforts, you may not even be granted authorization to at least take a peek at the documents you are trying to acquire.

What if I tell you there’s an easier way to find a particular individual’s birth records without the hassle and the cost of going around town to look for it? That’s right! There is a way – and all you have to do is sit down and go online.

Birth Records Search

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The world wide web is a vast and growing information resource. You can find both public and private information on the internet but with certain limitations. What we're trying to say is that to find a vital record such as a birth certificate, you need to do more than a simple Google search.

The most efficient and reliable way to find birth records is brought to you by Not only will it give you the birth information you need. You will also find that person's criminal records, current and prior address, contact information, marriage records, and more. Skip the wait and expedite your access to the data you need. It's fast, easy, and most importantly, legitimate.

The Benefits of an Advanced Background Search

A basic search engine can only yield very limited results. Most of the time, all you get is a couple of images and a list of social media profiles. If you are looking for someone with a very common name, this could make the search much more difficult for you to filter.

The services provided by CheckPeople show more substantial data about a person. It even allows users to understand the criminal history of a neighbor or a would-be lover. You can dig up what a past flame has been up to or even find out the truth about one's credentials. CheckPeople will not only give you a more comprehensive background search. It will also provide you with the ability to narrow down the results. It will enable you to pinpoint the actual person you are interested in researching about which an ordinary attempt on search engines do not immediately provide.

See, the thing with the internet is that it is almost virtually impossible to erase something once it becomes part of the information superhighway. One can bury his internet footprints with more recent data but once something has been recorded online, chances are it is still floating around the cloud up to this day. Discover a photo from ten years ago or a secret blog that's already been forgotten about. With the power of an advanced background search, you will be amazed at the amount of information available at the tip of your mouse pointer.

How to Use

The advanced background search provided by is very user-friendly. Our website is built in a way that even new clients can easily find their way and navigate.

First, type in in your browser's address bar. You will reach the homepage which contains the instructions you need to go through your search. Prepare all the information you know about someone. Having the first and last name will make it easier for you to proceed. Also, include a location if you know the city and state this individual is a resident of.

The built-in prompts will guide you through the whole process. After a few minutes of waiting, all the relevant information including court records and even address history can be pulled up for your viewing pleasure.

It's impressive how much information can be gathered by our search engine after you provide a small amount of detail about the person you were trying to look up. A three to five-minute wait is all it takes to find the records you need about that certain someone. You can expect a detailed report about the individual at the end of the process. also has this feature called reverse phone lookup which will allow our clients to discover the identity of an unknown caller.

The Contents of an Advanced Background Search

If you came here looking for birth records, you might just find more than what you asked for. provides a complete report which contains all the digital data available under a person's name. The results page will reveal everything from basic personal data which includes a person's full name, address, and civil status to a list of his or her immediate and distant relatives. It may also tell you about an individual's traffic violations and sex offender status. Some of this data is public information available to everyone. The beauty of is that it allows us to view every piece of important information all in one place, so you would not have to spend your valuable time doing all the rigorous research. You might also find online dating accounts and blogs as part of the search results which we think might be of interest to you.

Checking People Responsibly

Using is ethical and legal as long as you are doing the search with good intentions. Our website is all about making information more accessible to those who need help may it be in their quest to track down a lost family member or to find if someone is worthy of trust or not for the interest of safety. To take advantage of this website for identity theft or stalking to the point where it can be considered as harassment is a crime. We, therefore, encourage everyone to practice the value of integrity and to be responsible with how to utilize the data acquired.

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