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Chavez Last Name Origin: Meaning, Origins & Facts

Michelle Wilson - September 29, 2022

Chavez Last Name Origin: Meaning, Origins & Facts

Perhaps you’re curious about the beginnings of different last names, or maybe you want more details of your family history with the last name Chavez. If so, this article is precisely what you’re looking for. We’ll examine the meaning and history behind the Chavez surname, including unique facts and famous people sharing the name. Keep reading to get started.

Chavez Last Name Definition

The Chavez last name is of Spanish descent. It derives from Chaves, a Portuguese surname. Chavez is also the formal name of a town near Spain and Portugal. There are connections between the Chavez surname and the definition of ‘keys.’ On the Chavez family shield, there are five golden keys shown. This last name occurs more frequently in Mexico than in any other country. There are various spellings and forms of the last name, but all will originate from a similar origin.

How Common is the Last Name Chavez?

Recent reports indicate Chavez is the 335th most frequently occurring last name worldwide. Currently, it happens around 1 in every 4,619 people. The Chavez last name appears most regularly in The Americas, responsible for 95 percent of the Chavez population. Fifty-one percent of these residents reside in North America, and 38 percent live within Hispano-North America. Globally, Chavez is most commonly held in Mexico, with 1 in 206 individuals sharing the last name. 

Chavez Last Name Population Trend

Chavez’s last name popularity has considerably changed throughout the years. The United States noted an 11,073 percent increase between 1880 and 2014. In England, Chavez’s popularity increased by 19,000 percent.

In the United States, 42.22% of all Chavez parties are more likely to register with the Democratic Party than the national average. Currently, 95.45 percent are registered to vote with the aligned political party. 

Chavez Last Name Statistics

  • When looking at the religious adherence of individuals carrying the surname, most will follow Orthodox, sitting at 71 percent in Russia. Christianity is the predominant religion in Kenya, sitting at 100 percent. Finally, approximately 33 percent of Castro individuals follow Maronite in Lebanon. 
  • In Italy, the average Chavez earns 78.75% less than the national average. A Chavez will earn approximately €6,382 per year. 
  • In Norway, Chavez earns 19.9% less than the national average. These individuals will earn an average income of 277,214 kr per year.
  • In Peru, Chavez earns 2.72% less than the expected national average. On average, they will make S/. 18,857 annually. 
  • Statistically, Chavez earns 52.85% more than the national average in South Africa. The average take-home salary is R 363,240 annually. 
  • In Colombia, the Chavez earns less than the national average. They currently earn approximately $22,128,000 COP per year. 
  • In the United States, Chavez will earn approximately 13.82 percent less than the national average. On average, Chavez earns $37,184 per year. 
  • In Canada, Chavez will earn $45,578 CAD annually. This value is 8.26% less than the average. 

Average Chavez Lifespan

In the United States, the average life expectancy for Chavez was at its lowest in 1942 and highest in 2004. The average life expectancy for the Chavez surname in 1942 was 32, with the most extended recorded lifespan at 68 in 2004. The shortened lifespan would likely indicate potential health issues that were once prevalent within the family. 

5 Famous People with Chavez as Their Last Name

Dennis Chavez

Dionisio “Dennis” Chavez was born on April 8, 1888. He was an American politician who successfully served in the United States House of Representatives between 1931 and 1935. He also served in the United States Senate from 1935 to 1962. Chavez was the first Hispanic man to be elected to a full-term position in the US Senate. Chavez is the second Hispanic member of the US Senate, remaining the first US-born Hispanic elected to Senate. He was also the first person born in New Mexico to be selected by the state for the Senate. 

Cesar Chavez

Cesario Estrada Chavez was born on March 31, 1927. He was an American labor leader and ongoing civil rights activist. He co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA). Eventually, this group merged with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC), becoming the United Farm Workers (UFW). He died on April 23, 1993. 

Eric Chavez

Eric Chavez was born on December 7, 1977. He is currently an American professional baseball coach and was a former third baseman. Chavez played Major League Baseball between 1998 and 2012, winning six Gold Glove Awards and the Silver Slugger Award in 2002. Chavez started as the hitting coach for the New York Mets in 2022. 

Denise Chavez

Denise Chavez was born on August 15, 1948. Chavez is a Chicana author, stage director, and playwright. She has also taught classes at New Mexico State University. In 1985, Chavez earned the Rockefeller Playwriting Fellowship. She’s received various awards throughout the years, including the New Mexico Governor’s Award in Literature in 1995, the American Book Award in 1995, and the Premio Aztlan Literary Prize. 

Chavez hopes to use her work to question reality and examine how people live their lives following patterns. Her characters are known for their unique and individual voices. Her first novel was published in 1994, which took her seven and a half years to complete. 

Cindy Chavez

Cindy Chavez was born on April 7, 1964. She is an American politician who serves as the Santa Clara County supervisor. Chavez began her public service career in the 1990s as a policy analyst for public health, health care, human services, and transportation for the Board of Supervisors. 

Currently, Chavez chairs the Board’s Children, Families, and Seniors Committee. She also serves on the Finance and Government Operations Committee. She has actively led efforts to create jail diversion programs for mentally ill individuals, including crisis stabilization beds, mobile crisis teams, and sobering stations. 


Looking into your family tree is essential to understanding your history. With a solid connection to Spanish lineage and attachment to Spain and Mexico, the Chavez surname is one with deep roots. The more you know of the Chavez family name, the better connected to your roots you’ll be. Uncovering your past starts with basic knowledge of your family. From there, build out through the generations.  

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