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Blind Date Tips | Research Your Date Before Netflix

Linda Collins - May 29, 2019

Blind Date Tips

You’re checking out your options on a few dating apps, and you’ve exchanged some pretty fun messages with someone exciting, and you think you could have a great time, we’ve all been there. Whether you get hundreds of matches or even just a few, explore all of your options before you commit to meeting someone for a date. Don’t waste your precious time and effort going out on a blind date with some loser who turns out to be nothing like their profile described.

According to eHarmony, over half of the people who signed up for dating websites lie. So if you’re feeling wary about what people sharing on their dating profile, your gut might be onto something. Unsurprisingly, maybe a man had made their professions or paycheck sound more impressive than they are, or a woman used an older photo when they were creating their profile to look younger and maybe a few pounds lighter.

In a recent study, we found out that many people are worried about meeting a date who may have lied on their profile. So here are some blind date tips to help you in your research your potential partner before you meet them in person. Using these techniques will allow you to get the skinny on the real person and help you feel good about setting up that date.

Find Correct Background Info

Do you have their phone number but forgot what their name was? That’s no problem; you’re in luck. Quickly cover up your mistake by finding out more information with a reverse lookup. By doing a reverse lookup on someone with only a single piece of information, like that phone number, you can find out more information than just their name.

Enter their number, and you’ll receive a list of possible results that could be linked to their social media profile. Social media profiles will show any recent photos and activity on their profile. Find out if their dating profile picture just had excellent lighting, or if they’re trying to make it sound like their job is more glamorous than it is. Learn their name, maybe their school, employment and get a sense of what they like to do. Checking out their social media will also allow you to make your own decision about who they are, instead of trusting everything they say on their profile.

Know Yourself

Guess what? Your potential date could be reading this same article, right now! Are you starting to worry about what they will find if they do a reverse lookup on you? Searching yourself to see what information comes back can be enlightening. You would be surprised what gets dredged up from the old days: old profiles you don’t update anymore, embarrassing pictures old friends posted, or even embarrassing posts from years ago that you may have forgotten. Leave them up or take them down, but you should at least prepare yourself for the things your crush is going to see when they search for your history.

Who Are They?

Hopefully, they are lovely, but it’s worth asking yourself: Who is this person? Is this someone you can trust around your family? Is there a sketchy past that could be a deal breaker? You can find all of this out with the same reverse lookup because it also taps into public records.

With a reverse lookup, you can research anything that may be a red flag or deal breaker. From smaller crimes like misdemeanors to more severe crimes such as felonies could show up on their background report. But the description doesn’t just stop at past crimes.

Imagine finding out they’re legally married! They could be divorced, but we hope they’re single. If they are still married, this could impact your decision to meet up with them. Get suggestions for their friends and family too. You can pry deep, but this may be way too much to dig into right now before you even really like them yet. It can just help to get a picture of the person–are they a criminal? Serial divorcee? Are they lying just a smidge about their age? Can’t hurt to know, and they’ll never know you researched them.


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