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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse: 10 Effective Tips

Michelle Wilson - May 6, 2022

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse: 10 Effective Tips

While everyone wants to maintain open and honest dialogue, a deceitful partner may not offer the truth about their actions. Despite the increasingly flexible relationship definitions, significant others will continue to step out on their partner and relationship. Unfortunately, it’s never an excellent position if you’re that suspecting partner. Maybe you’ve felt the gut instinct telling you something is off. Perhaps there’s a nagging feeling in the bottom of your stomach where you’re simply looking for proof of the cheating. You’ve seen the signs. Now you’re looking for evidence.

With constantly evolving technology, it’s now easier than ever to cheat. Thankfully, it’s also that much easier to catch a cheating partner. If you need the evidence to support what you’re suspecting all along, here’s everything you need to spy on your partner or confirm whether they’re faithful.

Word of Caution

Always remember that a few of these methods are morally questionable, breaching various levels of privacy and trust with your partner. A few recommendations may stretch into a legally questionable area, too.

Always Watch How They Behave with Their Phone

Your partner’s phone is a host of information, collecting critical data about life, habits, interests, and indiscretions. If you’re trying to determine whether your partner is loyal, consider the following behaviors. A partner that is suddenly ultra-protective of their phone or insists on locking it when not in use is potentially trying to hide something from their spouse. Unexpected behaviors will also include silent notifications or alternative SIM cards in the device.

While checking through the cell phone is a significant breach of privacy, it can answer any suspicions and concerns you have overall.

Use the Touch ID to Your Advantage

When using the device, determine whether they have Touch ID enabled on the security settings. If possible, add your fingerprint to the saved prints (which works well if they have more than one saved). Adding the fingerprint to their security will allow instant access whenever you feel like snooping through, regardless of the password on their phone.

Implement the Google Chrome Password Hack

Many partners aren’t comfortable sharing their phone lock code, making it difficult to observe what’s happening behind the scenes. In these situations, gaining access becomes a bit trickier. Thankfully, many partners are less protective of their computer access, mainly if they use Google Chrome. Many passwords will automatically store in the Google Chrome browser, granting access to many different accounts.

Once you’re on the computer, go into the Google Chrome settings, and change the password to Autofill. You’ll see which websites they’ve used that require passwords on the password login page. Scan through the accounts for any illicit or questionable sites. For example, Ashley Madison is a bad sign. Click on the eye icon to view the code when you’ve found the obscured password.

Use a Keylogger

This software installs on a computer, and a cheating partner would never know the keylogger is running in the background. The user can control whatever you’d like, from passwords to websites. Anything typed into the keyboard is recorded and sent to the user later. Once you have all the information you need, delete the program to stop recording keystrokes on the system.

Using Spyware Applications

Like keyloggers, this process is a form of monitoring for a mobile device. If nothing else works, you’ll need access to your partner’s phone to install the application. Look for a program like SpyTracker to monitor everything available on the system. Although this method is questionable, it’s the ultimate way to bust a cheater. Unfortunately, this method may pose legal ramifications should your partner decide to take action.

Track Their Movements with Google

When something doesn’t add up, consider using Google to monitor your partner’s past activities. Look through the previous locations by logging into Google’s ‘Previous Destinations’ menu option on the navigation system. The Google Timeline feature can track similarly to Google Maps for Android users. Finally, using the “Find My Phone” function can help users locate a partner that’s out visiting someone they shouldn’t be seeing.

For iPhone users, there are several options available for tracking. These include the Find My iPhone application or tracking the frequent locations stored under settings. View the Privacy menu and select Location Services to find the significant locations. From there, choose System Services and pick Significant Locations.

Check Text Messages or Messaging Applications

Try and sneak a peek at their messaging applications for a spouse who’s suddenly become protective over their phone. Generic phone applications will likely not be the go-to service for illicit conversations. Many cheaters rely on external applications like WhatsApp for chats, calls, and videos. Always check all messaging applications on the device, including deleted and archived conversations.

Look for Hidden Audio, Video, or Photo Files

On top of having hidden messages, cheaters may be hiding audio or photo files. Should your partner know their way around a device, they may secretly have embedded images into other files. Converting the photos is relatively simple, using applications like QuickStego and DeepSound to store steamy nudes or screenshots in plain sight. You’ll need a specific code or keystroke to view the original image to open the actual picture.

Look Through Bank Statements

Trying to maintain an affair isn’t cheap, especially if they’re spending cash to entertain the mistress. Make sure you look through the transactions for anything that doesn’t seem normal. Transactions might include jewelry, hotel fees, lingerie, or restaurant bills. Unfortunately, anything out of the ordinary or character could indicate infidelity. Always take a screenshot of anything suspicious and keep it hidden until you’ve better understood what they’re doing.

Check the Cloud

Catching a cheater requires a bit of sleuthing, primarily through photos, videos, or other evidence online. Just because the messages or images don’t exist on the cloud doesn’t mean they don’t exist in other places. If your spouse is trying to hide selfies, videos, or other selfies, they may still exist in the cloud. Online storage may include Google Drive, Amazon Prime, or iCloud. For anyone trying to keep things hidden, look for Vault, Keepsafe Photo Vault, or Hide It Pro applications. Regardless, always maintain an open mind, remain vigilant, and stay level-headed.


While no one ever wants to consider a relationship with an unfaithful partner, it happens more often than we care to admit. If you’ve started doubting the foundation of your relationship, it’s essential to investigate things further. Catching a cheater will often require sleuthing, monitoring, and trusting your gut instinct as you work through the information you discover. While confronting a partner isn’t easy, it’s often easier with solid evidence and supporting documents. Be mindful that some snooping methods are morally and ethically irresponsible but may prove highly effective. Stay away from any illegal activities, as you may wind up with legal issues on top of a broken relationship.

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