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Accessing The Dark Web

Linda Collins - April 20, 2020

The average person, who is pretty well informed, has probably heard of the dark web. However, few can explain to you what it is, what is there or even how to access it in the first place.

You don’t have to know how to access the dark web, however you should take a strong interest in it. After all just because you don’t know how to access it, doesn’t mean that your information isn’t already out there and in play. Almost as frequent as gun shootings in America, we see corporate data hacks hit the news. You may be one of the very few lucky ones who haven’t personally been effected by any of the data breaches, that does not mean that in the future you will be so lucky. For the rest of us however our data may be being traded or sold all over the dark web as we speak for just a couple bucks.

There are many reasons someone might want to learn how to access the dark web that has nothing to do with trying to get your data. Maybe you’re looking to cruise the internet anonymously, or maybe you’re looking to educate yourself so you know how to protect yourself from identity theft. Whatever the case may be. Here is the low down.

Dark Web 101

Alright so, in order to explain what the dark web is you first have to know that it is just a subset of a larger “deep web”. The deep web in a nutshell is online content that is hidden (i.e. you can’t find it on search engines). Sites on the dark web sometimes require specific software to access them (we’ll get to that).

Your next question might be: “But isn’t the ‘dark web’ illegal and full of criminals?” … well… kinda…

The dark web is designed to allow users to keep their anonymity online which can then be used for both legal and illegal purposes. Now with the cloak of anonymity it brings with it a clear and unavoidable criminal presence. This includes drug sales, illegal pornography and even human trafficking.

Would it surprise you to know that the whole concept of the dark web was developed by the United States Navy? It seems back in the mid 90s, US intelligence sought to protect its online information and communications. It was then known as, The Onion Routing project. It now goes by the name Tor.

They then released it into public domain with the concept that the more its used the more it conceals the military communications. The comms get “lost in the sauce” as it were.

Accessing The Dark Web

The easiest and thus the most widely used method to access the dark web is the software known as Tor (previously mentioned). The Tor network is a free software that anyone with an internet connection can download (see? easy!). Here’s the kicker… once you are using the Tor browser (or any of the many other options) you will find access the web is much like it used to be back in the days of dial-up. Everything takes a while to load as it bounces around the globe to different servers meant to keep you anonymous.

How Can I Tell If My Information Is On the Dark Web?

While a lot of the goings on, on the dark web are completely legal and used by people who are completely paranoid about their privacy. The anonymity will always attract the worst scum you can think of.
CheckPeople has made it simple and lightning fast to do an in-depth Background Check on yourself! Which will include a Dark Web Scan. This Dark Web Scan will alert you of any information that is currently being compromised (if any). It will also alert you moving forward if your information becomes available on the dark web! Information such as your credit card number, your bank account information and even your social security number. Staying vigilant in an ever growing digital world is what is required of us these days.

Check your records and make sure you are safe!

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