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Rhode Island Inmate Search

Are you looking to conduct a Rhode Island inmate search? There are various ways you can go to obtain this information since it is a matter of public health and safety. However, some ways are far easier to obtain court records or criminal backgrounds.

Whether you are seeking to see if an individual has a criminal background regarding relevant misdemeanors or felonies, or you want to discover if a person is currently incarcerated or on probation – these are some of the top ways to do a Rhode Island inmate search.

Rhode Island is only behind Vermont and the District of Columbia in terms of the number of people incarcerated in the United States. However, that is not saying a ton considering Rhode Island is also the smallest state in terms of land mass, and sixth in terms of population.

The state does have a lower prison rate than the United States average which makes it safer in the eyes of many. However, you can never be too cautious. The incarceration rates in Rhode Island have increased over the last several decades where it spiked around 2008.

In addition to having over 3,000 people currently in correctional facilities throughout Rhode Island (the majority of which are housed in the state ran facilities), Rhode Island also has approximately 22,000+ out on probation.

Rhode Island Inmate Search

Can you search Rhode Island inmates legally?

The answer is yes. States have the right by the U.S. government to decide some of the information they can conceal, and some information that they are required by law to report. Criminal offenses are a matter of public knowledge because they affect safety.

Therefore, you are allowed in the state of Rhode Island to search for offenders. Federal privileges are very similar as there are national associations dedicated to keeping the public informed on prisoners housed in federal correctional institutions.

As long as the intention of the search does not violate Fair Credit and Reporting guidelines (i.e. using the information to judge a prospective employee), you have a right to know. CheckPeople.com is one of the leading resources on criminal background checks including inmate locators.

Rhode Island Department of Corrections (DOC)

Even though Rhode Island a very small state with a limited population, unlike other states its size (Alaska, Vermont, etc) the state DOC actually has its own database for tracking offenders and checking on their incarceration status.

In order to conduct a search, visit the official website of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections. The search function is moderately detailed as one can search by first name, last name, an alias, race, sexual orientation, or age range.

If you have a previously known address that can be very helpful in narrowing down the search results. If you are unfamiliar with the state, yet believe someone is or may have been incarcerated in Rhode Island in the past, the search function actually has a drop-down list to try different cities which is helpful.

If you prefer speaking to someone in-person, you can try the general information hotline provided by the DOC. Rhode Island also has a mailing address as well as contact information for Records and ID. The main office is located in Cranston, Rhode Island.

VINELink Portal for Rhode Island Inmate Search 

The state DOC can help locate offenders that are still within the state's prison system. The problem is the state does not always have the most up to date information. For that reason, they may direct you to also receive notifications via the VINELink Portal.

VINELink stands for "Victim Information and Notification Everyday". As the name implies, it is capable of delivering messages to victims 24 hours a day when the custody information or status of the offender has changed.

For example, you are supposed to receive a notification when the offender is moved from one facility to another. Or the custody status changes from incarcerated to on parole.

VINE is a really good resource for victims that want to remain informed on the status of an offender that may have caused them harm in the past, however, not so applicable for people looking to learn more about a person they just met.

For example, say you met a guy and he's asking you out on a date. He's obviously no longer in prison, so VINE is not going to notify you of any criminal history unless the individual is still on probation or parole.

VINE means well but it lacks the comprehensive reports that you will receive through CheckPeople.com. We have one of the most extensive databases on the web. We only provide our information for ethical purposes because we support the belief that the public has the right to known and be informed about the information you are entitled to understand.

Unlike other online search engines of public records, we are not here to uncover questionable material but instead the truth, and things people are legally allowed to know about others.

The Bureau of Prisons

The state DOC may help with information about people that are currently incarcerated in state-supervised facilities, but may not have near as much information about those housed in federal prisons.

While Rhode Island does not have a sizable population of federal violations, there is still a fair amount of offenders doing time in a federal institution. The Bureau of Prisons is one of the better free resources out there to try and track down a lost acquaintance doing time at the federal level.

Write a Prisoner

When all else fails for free online results, you can check with Write A Prisoner, a website dedicated to connecting people that are currently in the prison system with friends, family, legal services, as well as prospective housing providers and employers once they released.

Write a Prisoner serves a dual function of both helping prisoners rehabilitate and have a successful transition back into society, while also providing a database where interested parties may search to find an offender currently housed in a state or federal correctional facility.

The search is not nearly as effective for those doing time at a county jail. The database tries to remain as up-to-date as possible through a disclaimer notifies people that the search results are not 100 percent accurate and much of the information is contributed by its users as well.


There is little debate that an online search engine dedicated to producing detailed reports based on public records like police reports and court cases can get you the most applicable information regarding one's criminal history.

There are other inmate searches available in Rhode Island yet CheckPeople.com has the most detailed, accurate, and efficient report on the web. Visit us today to learn what we can do for you: www.checkpeople.com/.

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