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Hawaii Inmate Search

Albert Einstein once said that “wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

When it comes to acquiring important information about your personal health and safety, CheckPeople.com has always prided itself on being one of the leaders in obtaining detailed, accurate, and less time-consuming reports related to public records that any and every citizen of the United States should take advantage of.

We have always believed that one of the great rights of this country is freedom and that freedom includes your ability to be informed about the world, the U.S. government, and the other individuals that live in this great country.

Therefore, having the ability to check public records like criminal reports and case records is a part of your personal freedoms and ability to obtain knowledge.

Citizens request criminal backgrounds for a variety of reasons. Aside from reasons that must follow the guidelines of the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, citizens are also allowed to check background records when searching for friends, family members, former associates, lost loves as well as research prospective roommates and neighbors.

Hawaii Inmate Search

Tips for a Hawaii Inmate Search

You can help vastly reduce the time spent locating an offender by relying on the services of an online search website like CheckPeople.com. However, if you prefer to look up the results on your own, here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Determine if you want to do a search of an inmate in Hawaii that is located in a state or federal correctional facility. There is a stark difference, and most databases only check for one or the other. CheckPeople.com references both institutions types, as well as can search county jail records.
  2. Obtain as much information as possible. Assuming you do not know the prison ID of the individual, gather as much personal data as possible like name, age, race, gender, and previously known address.
  3. State supervised correction facilities are confusing. For example, an institution that is located in Hawaii may actually be owned by a private entity or actually operated by another state. This is incredibly confusing and does not make finding an inmate any easier.
  4. Check to see if the database only searched for current inmates, or also ones that are out on probation or parole. In many circumstances, you are not checking to see if the offender is still in prison, but rather if he or she ever committed any crimes. Most free databases will not check for the latter, but we do at CheckPeople.com.
  5. Department of Correction databases are rarely completely up to date. Given the high volume, it is impossible to expect these overworked departments to stay on top of every sentence. Therefore, the information you receive from them about the status of an offender may be outdated and therefore no longer correct.

VINELink Search Portal for Inmates

Since Hawaii is not connected to the rest of the continental United States and tends to do things on their own terms, you will not find a DOC sponsored inmate locator like you would with many other states.

Instead, Hawaii recommends that you use the VINELink portal for locating offenders. VINE stands for "Victim Information Notification Immediately" and is primarily set up for family members or victims of the offender that want to get immediately notified when their incarceration status or location changes.

It is a reliable portal but only if you are searching for someone that you believe is still incarcerated in Hawaii. Otherwise, it will not do you much good if you are looking for a criminal record, or wanting to verify if someone is still on probation or not.

VINE is free of charge and remains anonymous and entirely confidential.

The Bureau of Prisons

Hawaii has a lower incarceration rate than most of the states in the continental U.S., with a vast majority of offenders doing time in a state-supervised facility. According to PrisonPolicy.org, only a little over 1,000 are housed in federal correctional institutions.

For those individuals you suspect may be doing time in Hawaii and at the federal level, you can search for their whereabouts through the Bureau of Prisons database.

Check Public Records

There is still always the more traditional way of searching public records by avoiding internet searches and checking in-person with a state office. Court records and police reports, as well as criminal history, is available anyone that inquires within.

Checking for physical copies of criminal backgrounds or trying to search for an inmate this way is one of the most time-consuming. However, something like a simple check of the state's sex offender registry can make apparent any immediate red flags like when someone is going on a new date.

Write a Prisoner

WriteaPrisoner.com was set up with good intentions and continues to help rehabilitate offenders as they prepare to get released and re-enter society. The website is primarily dedicated to treating prisoners fairly and getting them connected to housing services, employment, and other financial help upon release.

It does also feature an online search of inmates currently housed in some state and federal correctional facilities. The information is not always up to date but is worth checking out since it is free. Write a Prisoner also may do a basic search of some county jails including Maui, Kauai, Hilo, and Oahu.

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Though VINELink, WriteaPrisoner.com, and The Bureau of Prisons are all decent databases they can only reveal so much information and are more practical if you are looking to locate an inmate that you have a good amount of information about already, and you know approximately where they are located.

CheckPeople.com, meanwhile, can do thorough searches over the entire part of the United States in order to track down police reports, court documents, arrest records, mugshots, and time spent in prison. Our sophisticated, detailed searches scour the web for relevant information in order to provide you with the facts to make safer, more informed decisions.

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