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Delaware Inmate Search

An inmate search can quickly eliminate a number of red flags. While we all make mistakes and our past should never fully define us, getting critical information about a person’s criminal background (if any) can indicate if a person is a habitual offender, made one terrible decision, or is squeaky clean in terms of the law.

Criminal backgrounds are your right to know so long as they are not used for inappropriate reasons. They can help you track down long lost friends or relatives, keep you safe and aware with potential love interests, help analyze neighbors or prospective roommates, as well as double check that your own identity is fairly reported and accurate.

Delaware has one of the lower total numbers of prisoners in its state, but only because of its smaller population. In fact, Delaware actually has one of the highest rates in the nation for imprisonment. Its yearly rate exceeds the United States average, and nearly 900 of every 100,000 residents are imprisoned

The vast majority of inmates in Delaware are located in the state ran correctional facilities as only a small portion are housed in federal or juvenile prisons. Delaware, like most of the United States, has witnessed a huge spike in prison populations through the number has dropped slightly since the early 2000s.

Delaware Inmate Search

Different Types of Delaware Inmate Searches

There is a multitude of reasons why one wants to seek more information about an individual, including a criminal record. When it comes to a Delaware inmate search you need to narrow it down by its type.

For example, are you looking for someone that is currently incarcerated in the state or federal system? Or do you know the individual is out now yet wonder if he or she may have previously done time? There is a big difference between the two and knowing which one you want to search, or both, can help you narrow down the appropriate database. investigates both situations. We can locate if an individual is currently imprisoned, or out on probation or parole. We can also check criminal records for previous offenses, including applicable misdemeanors and felonies.

Delaware State Department of Corrections (DOC)

Since Delaware is a smaller state in terms of land size and population, it does not have its own detailed database that is offered through the Department of Corrections. Instead, the DOC recommends that individual check with VINELink.

The Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) has a database of current Delaware offenders. It is primarily established as a victim notifier where it can obtain timely and reliable information about court cases as well as custody status, 24 hours a day.

It is possible to register for phone, text, email, or TTY device notifications when an offender's custody status changes. You may notice the state classifies inmates by certain levels. The definition for each level is as follows:

  1. Level I = Administrative Supervision
  2. Level II = Standard Probation
  3. Level III = Intensive Probation Supervision
  4. Level IV = Work Release or Home Confinement
  5. Level V = 24-hour incarceration in a jail or prison

Check with Delaware County Jails

Unlike some states, Delaware does feature its own database of inmates currently housed in county jails. You will need to check with the individual county and their Sheriff's office for more details.

However, a few of the larger ones do keep a log though it is hard to say how up-to-date it is as county inmates generally serve sentences that are a few months to a year, so the turnover is much more drastic.

The Bureau of Prisons

The Bureau of Prisons works with correctional institutions to make sure that offenders are treated in a safe, humane, secure and cost-efficient method. As part of its rights it grants to inmates, it does feature a search function where people can look up where offenders are incarcerated.

The Bureau of Prisons advertises that is currently has a database of over 180,000 inmates. However, the search is only limited to prisoners in a federal institution, and not the state or county ran facilities.

For a more in-depth and expansive review of criminal history, consider our search tools at We can get you information on current offenders, members of probation or parole, as well as those that have fulfilled all legal obligations yet still have a criminal past.

Check with Probation

If you wish to inquire about a criminal background in a situation where the offender is obviously no longer incarcerated (for example you are considering meeting someone that you met online in person), there are ways to check if someone is currently on probation or parole.

Delaware, like most states in the U.S., requires people on probation and parole to keep an accurate address with the state. So if you contact the correct state office and explain your reasoning, they may or may not be able to disclose if someone is currently on probation and their whereabouts.

VINELink may also have this information available too.

Check the Delaware Sex Offender's Database

Sex offenders are required by law to register with the state and local community where they live. Of course, being made aware of a sexual predator is a huge deal when it comes to online dating and blind dates. Even just a person that you meet on the streets and want to make sure their history is clean of it when starting to date.

In these circumstances, it is very wise to check with the state's sexual predator and offender registry. However, this search will only bring up if the person is a sex offender. It will not tell you about other crimes, or seedy parts of the individual's past.

While referencing Delaware's sex offender registry or VINELink may provide a few answers to your pressing questions, they are not complete, all-in-one databases., meanwhile is a complete online report.

It gets you nearly instant resources by digging as deep on the web and with one of the fastest online search tools on the internet. You can expect to get dependable, fast, and accurate results without troubling you to do all the heavy lifting on your own.

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