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Alaska Inmate Search

 They say that information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. If that is the case it is little wonder that online searches of public records and people are becoming so popular. When used ethically, this information is crucial in helping people make better-informed decisions and to remain safe.

When it comes to an inmate search, there are many reasons why turning to a database like helps track down old associates or relatives and also keeps people from falling into traps with online predators and blind dates.

Alaska has a smaller prison population than most states in the country partly because of its smaller statewide population. However, per 100,000 individuals the number of people incarcerated is actually quite a bit higher than your typical state.

All in all, Alaska has over 4,500 people imprisoned in the state with a fair amount of federal, state, and county correctional facilities. Like many parts of the continental United States, managing overcrowding and growing prison populations remain a concern.

Alaska Inmate Search

How does an Alaska inmate search work? 

Since Alaska is so remote and secluded, finding information about people is not always as easy, especially when looking up a criminal record. However, there are a few options to consider when trying to double check the background of someone.

Alaska has its own website for its Department of Corrections like any other website, though its database is not nearly as thorough and comprehensive as most states in the continental U.S. There are other databases on the web, but for the most accurate and detailed reports you should turn to for quick, reliable results.

Alaska Department of Corrections (DOC)

Alaska is known to entice renegades that are dysfunctional and not necessarily attracted to the traditional ways of the continental-U.S. so it probably comes as little surprise that they do not have the traditional database for an inmate lookup like most Department of Corrections feature online.

The DOC in Alaska does have a fairly detailed page that provides some tips to find people that may, or were previously in prison yet no actual search bar with an online database through the DOC.

The state provides some tips on locating an offender like gathering as much personal information as possible such as last known address, the names of any friends or relatives, previous employers, and/or phone numbers.

They offer odd, sort of dated advice like to send a letter of inquiry to another individual that may have some knowledge about the person's whereabouts and history. Not only is this approach unreliable in getting an accurate inmate search, but most people are not going to want to disclose sensitive information to someone they may or may not know.

VINE Website

Since Alaska is more remote it is unable to provide its own dependable database for people currently or previously held in a correctional facility. However, the state does recommend that interested parties consult the VINE network. VINE can help locate where defendants are currently being held in Alaska, yet is not quite as reliable as something offered by the state.

The VINELink is a notification network so it is more intended to notify victims or other concerned citizens when an offender is transferred to another correctional facility or released. It can provide information by phone, email, TTY, or text message where available. Since many parts of Alaska are remote and rugged, email and text message may not always apply.

A far better way to receive accurate information is through We have put together one of the most comprehensive background checks on the world wide web that delivers quick results. There is no need to wait for an alarm system to notify you like VINELink. CheckPeople goes and gets the results in minutes, then gets the report back to you immediately.

Check Court Filings

Alaska also recommends that people consider contacting the DOC chief classification officer or if the person is potentially on probation, may also check the court file for a current address. This method does work well for offenders that are out on probation because they are required by state law to keep their current address accurate.

The city prosecutor's office may also have information on an offender's current address if they are no longer incarcerated. However, trying to get this information personally involves making a private, sensitive information request which may make some people feel uncomfortable.

In some cases, the prosecutor may only be able to reveal this information if it involved a domestic dispute or violence.

The Bureau of Prisons

If it is a federal matter, the Bureau of Prisons may have records of the information you are attempting to obtain. Though this will not always tell you about state violations that may have ended up outside of prison, or where the offender served time in county jail.

So it is an option, yet not the most guaranteed for certain situations.

Write a Prisoner 

The service which helps get current prisoners connected to other sources of contact does feature a database regarding current whereabouts. Write a Prisoner is a decent service with a catalog that tries to stay as up to date as possible. However, since offenders are often moved around it is not always that accurate or guaranteed to deliver factual results. 

We are the leading source for clear and accurate information on criminals either currently, or previously incarcerated. Our detailed Alaska inmate search can help give you important details about the seedier past of someone you may need to investigate further.

Our system is fast, easy, and effective at performing its job and actually delivering you important information. It is never a bad idea to be too safe these days. Our motive is to provide safety, help individuals with any curiosity, and ultimately deliver peace of mind.

Unfortunately, too many individuals rely on flaky services that rarely deliver actual results. We are different and want to make you a better-informed person without needing to rely on phone books, visiting courthouses, or doing endless internet searches.

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