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Utah Inmate Search

There are currently more than 14,000 Utah inmates, which is a rather high number considering the smaller state population. Approximately 6,500 of them are currently placed in Utah state prisons and a little under 6,000 are in local jails.

You can now search for any Utah inmate and determine useful information about their conviction, the length of their sentence and much more. All it takes is simply typing the individual’s name into the search bar and allowing our system to guide you through the rest of the process.

Whether you want to look up a friend that has been in jail for a while or try and contact a family member that is in prison and you have not spoken too in a long time, our Utah Inmate search works to meet your exact need and provide you with the necessary information to make your hopes become a reality.

Utah Inmate Search

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Well over 40 percent of Utah prisoners are in prison for a violent or sex crime, and it can be useful to know if someone who is about to be released is a threat in any way to you or your family.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to look up a Utah inmate. The old days of searching through archived records or spending hours searching online only to fail to find the needed information are over. Instead, you can trust our Utah Inmate Search to find out about anyone who has been incarcerated and is currently serving time for a crime. The following are several of the many records our service can yield during a search.

Full name

Each one of our reports will include the entire person's name on whom the search is conducted. While most who search for a person only know the individual's first and last name, our Utah Inmate Search reports can reveal the entire person's full name, including middle names, maiden names, etc. This information can then be used to help find the individual through various means and learn even more about them as a person.

Date of the offense

Most reports can also reveal the exact date of the offense. Whether the Utah inmate was convicted over a decade ago or only several months in the past, our results can find out exactly when the offense occurred and when they began their sentence in many instances. While each report is unique and the amount of information varies, the date of the offense is almost always a part of our reports.

Category of conviction

Another piece of information many who use our Utah Inmate Search find useful is the category of the conviction, which most of our reports lay out in detail and in an organized manner that is easy to read. In fact, many of our reports reveal the exact crime they committed, the length of the sentence for the crime and much more, which is useful in determining further the type of character and history of the individual.

CheckPeople Provides Reliable Data

Utah's prison population dropped by around 9 percent from 2015 to 2017. While this is good, it does mean that more Utah prisoners are now released into the community, and it can be good to find out if someone you know may be a threat once they are released.

Perhaps one of the best parts about using our Utah Inmate Search is knowing that you can trust the results as we only pull from reputable sources. When dealing with sensitive information that relates to one's criminal history, it is important to be accurate every single time. We understand this and do everything possible to give you in-depth, quality information in every report.

Reliable information

While it is hard to always be sure the information you receive about an inmate from a less reliable and trustworthy online inmate search is legitimate, our service guarantees all information is accurate and pulled from reliable sources.

Learn the intricate details

Our Utah Inmate Search is used for a variety of reasons, from contacting a family member in prison to simply checking to see how that troubled high school friend turned out. Our information can provide you with the knowledge necessary to fulfill your goal.

Find out more about a person

In many instances, our users simply want to try and learn more about a current Utah inmate, whether that is because they are likely to be released soon or because they feel the person mislead them about their character and they want to check to see why they were convicted. Either way, learning more about a person is always a powerful thing.

Conduct a Search for a Utah Inmate

It only takes several minutes of your time and requires you to do very little throughout the process to gain access to our extensive, in-depth records about any Utah inmate you would like to look up. So what are you waiting for? Start your first search now and get in the know about that person who you want to learn more about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

The process is rather simple to complete. All you have to do to access one of our Utah Inmate Search reports is simply type the individual's name and approximate location into our search bar, and our sophisticated system goes to work for you, seeking out all of the intricate details you would like to know.

Each report may be slightly different and it can be somewhat unpredictable as to what records our search is going to reveal. However, many users are able to learn the exact crime they were convicted for, an approximation of how long their sentence is and of course the more basic information such as their full name, mug shot, etc.

What can I do with the search results?

What you do with the search results is entirely up to you, but remember, our Utah Inmate Search is not to ever be used to discriminate against another person or harass them in any way and doing so may likely be against the law. With that said, anyone with honest intentions who would like to learn more about a Utah inmate to keep themselves safe or find out about the person's character is encouraged to use our Utah Inmate Search.

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There is no telling what you might find out through our Utah Inmate Search. Whether you would like to learn more about a family member that went to prison and you do not know why or you want to try and reach out to and catch up with a long lost friend once they are released from prison, our search is just what you need. So stop the waiting and conduct your first search today.

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