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Finding Inmates In Ohio

The Internet is a place where you can search for information on people that you know personally. You can even search for people who are currently serving time in Ohio's jails and prisons. There are directories that exist, covering federal, state, and county penal systems. However, with 88 counties in the state of Ohio, not every county will have an inmate directory that is available to the public. Some directories will include information such as name, inmate ID, and an estimated time of release or parole. Others will expand on some other information such as the crime they are convicted of and the length of their sentence.

Ohio Inmate Search

Inmate Records Are Always Available Online

Inmate records are of public knowledge because of the Internet and a law that was passed over 50 years ago. This law is known as the Freedom of Information Act. Under the purview of this law, inmate records are of public knowledge. They can be accessed by way of the Internet using specific websites (including CheckPeople). Other ways records can be obtained can be visiting a county courthouse. However, obtaining physical copies of things such as police records, criminal records, and information on where an inmate is incarcerated can cost you money due to processing fees.

That's not all. Because of the Freedom of Information Act, you can be able to search for information that is of public knowledge such as marriage records, divorce records, property records, and more. Depending on where exactly you search for them, you need as much information as possible in order to get an accurate readout.

What Are Some Places To Find Inmate Records

As mentioned before, one way is through a courthouse. The other is on the Internet. You should keep in mind that there are directories that may not have any specific information that you're searching for. Which is why you should rely on CheckPeople to get the job done for you. If you can't find the crime an inmate has committed on the county's website, you can find it there in minutes. In short, CheckPeople has the information that most county inmate directories don't have. And even if you found any information, the accuracy can be questionable. That's why your search results on CheckPeople will be accurate every single time you search.

What Is This Specified Information We Talk About

The information that you will find on CheckPeople will contain the following: their name, date of birth, inmate ID number, the crime they were convicted of, length of sentence, estimated time of release or parole eligibility, and even where you can send them mail.

Before you search, you need to be aware that you may have multiple search results. In other words, you may find inmates that have the same first and last name. So it is important to know other information such as their middle name or date of birth. Because you can search for criminal records on CheckPeople, you will be able to view a recent mugshot of the inmate in question. If you can match a face to a name, the better your odds are that you've tracked down the inmate that you are looking for.

Why Do People Search For Inmates Online

Typically, the people who perform an inmate search online are those who are family members or friends of someone who is currently incarcerated. At the same time, you may have gone to school with someone that may be serving time, but you want to know what exactly what the crime was. There are so many reasons why people search for inmates. But your reason might be different.

One of the other common reasons why people search for inmates is because they want to know when their friend or family member is getting out. If it seems like a longer period of time, they can consider keeping in touch with them. If you wish to establish contact with an inmate, get the address of the penal facility that they are incarcerated in and write them a letter. It should be noted that inmates cannot make contact with anyone using the Internet. This includes email, social media, and chat rooms.

Inmates know that it is a good feeling in knowing that their friends and loved ones have taken time out of their day to keep in touch with them, even though they won't see them every day for as long as they are serving their sentence. However, facilities will have designated days where family members can visit their loved ones in jail or prison. The schedule depends on the facility.

It's not family or friends that get to write to inmates. There are even people that are complete strangers that can also send letters to inmates. In fact, there's a good chance that someone in America is a penpal to someone serving time in jail or prison with the intent of connecting with them outside when the time comes. You'll never know if that contact can bloom into something more meaningful. An inmate can be released and start their lives over again with the help of their penpal.

If you choose to contact an inmate you don't know as a penpal, you should consider who you choose to contact very carefully. Because inmates that are currently incarcerated may have been convicted of crimes that may have been violent or have involved another person as a victim. While it is fine to contact someone who may have been charged with manslaughter or aggravated assault, it may not be wise to contact someone who is serving time for any sexually-based offenses such as rape or even possession of child pornography.

Not only is CheckPeople a great way to get information about an inmate's conviction, but it also has the hidden benefit of giving you the power to make a vital decision. Should you initiate contact with an inmate who may have a potentially violent past or not? Bear in mind that the ball is in your court and you have the final decision. But there are some inmates that may not be fitting to be a good penpal. That should be something to think about.

What Else Am I Allowed To Send To An Inmate

You don't have to always send letters to an inmate you're keeping in touch with. You can send them small care packages. These packages can contain family photos, cards, books, newspapers, magazines, and even money. However, some facilities may have a ban in place for certain books (like hardcover books). The reason being is that a hardcover book can be used as a weapon by an inmate and can harm a fellow inmate or any member of the prison staff. So if you send a hardcover book and the inmate never gets it, don't feel discouraged.

Since we live in the age of Amazon, we have the ability to order something for someone we know and have it sent to their address. However, sending something from Amazon to an inmate can cause a headache if you don't know what you can or can't send. Before you do so, please contact someone within the facility that has knowledge of what can and can't be sent.

It is also prohibited to send an inmate anything that can be considered contraband. Contraband is defined as banned items and objects that can cause a person to be intoxicated or even give them a chance to escape the facility. The following items are prohibited:

  • Unauthorized tobacco products
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Unauthorized messages or writings
  • Instruments that may aid in escape

In the state of Ohio, knowingly sending contraband to an inmate can carry a penalty of prison time and a heavy fine. For example, if you send or transfer illicit drugs to an inmate, you will likely face charges that fall under the purview of Ohio's drug smuggling law.

Drug smuggling in Ohio is a serious offense. The penalty depends on the what level the drug falls under. A level one or two drug is considered dangerous (i.e.–Heroin). A level five drug is less dangerous and is typically used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is a level five drug. While it is decriminalized up to 100 grams, marijuana is still considered illegal contraband.

Please review other laws and penalties that may pertain to other contraband before sending anything other than letters to an inmate.

Your Inmate Search Begins With CheckPeople

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To Sum It Up

Finding an inmate in Ohio takes curiosity or concern, depending on how you are related to the inmate. If you would like to begin your search, join CheckPeople now to get started.

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