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Nevada Inmate Search

You’d think that finding an inmate incarcerated in the Nevada prison system would be relatively simple. Logically, all it should take is a quick Google search or heading over to the Nevada Department of Corrections site.

In theory, it’s pretty simple – as long as you know the full names and some of the details of the inmate. If you’re working with just initials and a surname, though, things become a lot harder. Your search is bound to get you a ton of hits without a way to narrow them down.

Even if you do have the full names, getting the information you need is tough. The prison system provides only the most basic information. So, while you might be able to find out where your inmate is being held, getting further details is a little harder.

The question then becomes, how to find a current, or previous inmate quickly and easily online. In this article, we’ll help you to weigh your different options. Our take is that CheckPeople is the simplest, quickest and most convenient way to perform these searches.

As part of our commitment to service excellence, we want to present you with other choices as well. If you are not sure about signing up with us, there are a few alternatives. We’ll go through some of them here.

Nevada Inmate Search

Use the Nevada Department of Corrections Inmate Locator

You can head over to the website for the Nevada Department of Corrections. They allow you to search for the inmate using the name or the inmate's ID number. If you know the exact names of the inmate or their ID number, using this free tool is simple enough.

Where you might feel a little let down, though, is that the information provided is not very in-depth. You'll be able to check:

  • Where they are
  • How old they are
  • When they're up for parole
  • What they're being held for

It's a fair amount of information, but it might not be as much information as you need. Also, the search is limited to inmates currently incarcerated. This won't do you much good if you need to check on someone who has served their time or those who are serving community service sentences.

Checking the Federal Database

The Federal database is a good alternative if you're not sure in which state the inmate has been incarcerated. It can also be used as a substitute for the previous search. The problem is that there has been a lot of information stored over the last century or so.

This information overload becomes an issue when you have an inmate with a common name or one where you don't know their full first names. You'll get results here, but you'll get results from all states. You'll have to pick through the results to find the right match for yourself.

Try the Nevada Inmate Finder

If you need a little more information than you can get, or you want to be able to use other search parameters, this tool is useful. It is a paid search, but you can find your inmate using their license plate or a telephone number.

As tools go, this one definitely outperforms the previous two. It makes searching easier and relays a range of results.

It is limited, however. You get a range of reports for your basic monthly subscription. You are entitled to unlimited searches, but that covers you only for the basic reports. If you want something a bit more in-depth, you'll have to fork over more money.

Prison-Pro is an Alternative

Prison-Pro is another site that you can choose if you're sure that the inmate is in a government-run facility. What we don't like about it is that your search options are very limited.

The problem with this is that there is no way to narrow down your search and zero in on the right person. If you know the full names of the inmate, this tool will probably find them for you. If you have only minimal information, be sure to strap in for a long stretch and searching through many different results.

Try CheckPeople

If you want access to the complete reports, with search data narrowed down for you, CheckPeople is your one-stop shop. We've made it our business to make sure that you get the best possible results.

And, when we say that our searches are unlimited, we mean it. You'll pay a monthly subscription to gain access to the full report. There are no expensive premium upgrades to worry about.

We draw our data from a wide range of current sources, so you're sure to find the right information. We do need the inmate's first name and last name, but that's all. If you do have extra information to contribute, that's great, but if you don't, don't worry.

What's unique about our site is that we ask a few easy questions to help narrow down the results even more.

You'll get information about their:

  • Criminal record
  • Finances
  • Lawsuits brought by them
  • Lawsuits they're defending against
  • Phonebook details
  • Traffic reports
  • Arrest record

If you're looking for an inmate in the Nevada prison system, we'll be able to help you find them. Best of all, we can help you locate their previous arrest record. So, if they've served their time already, we'll be able to let you know.

What if I want to Contact an Inmate?

We can help you find them, but not to contact them. If you decide to get in touch with the inmate, you'll need to get advice from the Department of Corrections. Some strict protocols must be followed first.

You can either head over to the Nevada Department of Corrections website or call the prison directly. It's not all that complicated, but you may need the prisoner to give their permission for you to visit them.

That's the simple part. Finding an inmate is the hardest part and one that is now, thankfully behind you. You'll have all the information you need to decide whether you need to contact the inmate.

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