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Nebraska Inmate Search

When a loved one or friend is arrested, or when you’ve been a victim of a criminal act committed by someone else, you may want to know more about where that person is being held. The information you want is freely available in Nebraska, even if you’re not directly related to the person you’re searching for.

You’ll be performing an inmate search. This means you’re looking for information about an inmate that’s currently being held in a correctional facility of some sort in Nebraska. While it can be helpful to know something more specific about them and where they might be held, you don’t necessarily need that information to get answers.

Nebraska Inmate Search

How Do You Perform an Inmate Search in Nebraska?

Before you can do an inmate search in Nebraska, you need to have a little information about the inmate. You have to know their first and last name, at a minimum. It's important that you know their full official name, because partial names and secondary names or aliases may not be searchable. If you search using more than the first and last name and don't get any results, remove any extra names and try again.

If the name you're searching for is common, you may need to know a little more about them. Date of birth is the easier piece of secondary information to use for identification. Some databases may have photos listed with the inmate's name, when available. Not all state databases will show photos.

Nebraska has separate systems to find inmates in state prisons versus federal prisons and local county jails. You have a few options to search for inmates in each type of institution. If you don't know which type of facility the inmate is currently being held in, you can either search them separately or use a more all-encompassing system like CheckPeople to do it simultaneously.

Obtaining Official Information through NDCS

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) maintains a database of state prisoner information that you can access online. You can perform searches for inmates based on their inmate number or their name.
The NDCS runs or oversees most of the state correctional facilities in Nebraska. This includes adult correctional facilities, youth correctional facilities, women's facilities, evaluation centers, and community corrections centers. You can do a facility search on their website to see if they are affiliated with a specific place that you want to inquire with or learn about.
When you find out where the inmate in question is being held, a facility search can give you more information about that place specifically. However, the NDCS does not have any affiliation with federal government prisons or with local county jails. You may not be able to find an inmate that's being held in one of these other types of holding facilities.

Searching in Federal Institutions

If the inmate you're looking for isn't in a Nebraska state prison, they may be in federal prison. You can search for inmates in federal prisons directly through the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). On their website, there are options for searching based on the inmate number based on the inmate's name.

Inmate numbers are assigned by various criminal justice organizations. You may have a Bureau of Prisons number, a DCDC number, an FBI number, or an INS number. All of these inmate numbers are searchable through the BOP website. You can also search by the inmate's name, inputting other data such as age, sex, and race to narrow down results.

Recent Arrests and County Jails

If arrest records are new, they may not be in the larger systems yet. When an inmate can't be found in state or federal prison records online, you may find them through VINElink. This is a multi-state Victim Notification system. Nebraska VINE helps you check the custody status of adults in county jails and also state prisons.

You can sign up to get notifications about the status of a certain inmate if you have their information. This will allow you to get automatic updates if they are moved to a different place, released, or if their status changes in some way. VINE is a good way to get ahead of information when the inmate has not been permanently settled somewhere or assigned to a designated prison yet.
Unfortunately, VINElink does not work in every county, even within a state that fully participates in the program. Some counties do not participate in the VINElink system, which can change the outcome of your search if the inmate you're looking for is affiliated with a non-participating county within Nebraska.

Looking through the Public Records

Because of the Freedom of Information Act, you have access to a lot of public records from US state or federal government agencies. You can file a request for information through the valid agency, but this will usually come along with a small fee. Requests can be filed online with some agencies or in person with all agencies.

It will take more legwork to search through the public records yourself, and it may come with extra fees. However, the records are there and are available to you if you want to take that route. You have the right to view any public records regarding criminal justice matters in the United States.

Individual Detention Centers

If you think you know the exact place the inmate is being held, you can contact that detention center individually. You may be able to get the information from them individually about a certain inmate. Some detention centers may have online systems to facilitate your search, while others may require a physical visit or phone call.
This method will take a bit more time and energy. Unless you already know the specific place they're being held, you may have to do some searching, which can involve travel or numerous phone calls. You'll also be somewhat limited here by the business hours of the facility itself. Unless they have an easy online searching system, you could be forced to do your contacting and searching during their specific business hours.

A Simpler Option: CheckPeople

Individual centers and organizations in Nebraska all have their own systems, but you can opt for a simpler option and check them all at once. CheckPeople performs public record searches to compile all the data available about the inmate you search. You can find out about their arrest, full name information, which state is the authority in the case, custody status, and where they're located. Arrest records don't show verdicts or sentencing.

Other third-party services may exist to do a similar kind of search. However, you may be charged per search you perform, bombarded with obnoxious ads, or up-charged for anything other than the bare bones information. It can be inconvenient dealing with this kind of hassle when you're trying to do something as important as an inmate search. CheckPeople won't assault you with ads and you won't be charged extra for an inmate search, even if you perform multiple searches.
Instead of searching through all the different databases individually, CheckPeople does all the legwork for you and gives you the results you would have found anyway, but faster. You don't have to worry about finding the exact websites, offices, or contact information for government agencies or detention facilities. Just search for the inmate you're looking for, narrow down the results when necessary, and view all the available records in one place.

What Can You Do with CheckPeople?

This is not a tool to screen potential employees or tenants. But, you can look up inmates to check their custody status and find where they're being held. If you want to find a particular inmate, this is a good way to check all the detention facilities in Nebraska at once, rather than contacting different facilities directly.

If the person you're looking for is not currently being held, CheckPeople will be able to let you know about that as well. You can see their arrest record and see what charges have been put against them, as well as recent address information. While you're not allowed to use this for screening employee or tenant screening purposes, you can use it to help you narrow down your search for a roommate or to check on a person before a date.

CheckPeople simplifies the whole process. You won't be charged individually for every request you make and you won't have to wait days to hear back when you make a request. What you'll get is a flat fee for unlimited searches in a month and instant online access to available records.

Don't make this harder than it has to be. CheckPeople is giving you an easy way out by offering you a fully online option that encompasses all the other individual options you have in Nebraska. Type the inmate information you have into the search console to get started right now!

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