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Minnesota Inmate Search

An inmate search is a way of looking up information on someone who is incarcerated in a certain area. Through a detailed inmate search, you can view an inmate’s arrest and criminal record, offender status, release date and exact location – even, in many cases, specific details about their housing and time in prison.

People conduct inmate searches for a lot of different reasons. Generally, they have a friend, relative or loved one in prison or jail, and need to know more details. It is difficult to communicate with someone who is incarcerated, so an inmate search can serve as a tool to give you the information you need to get in touch with them.

You also might just be curious about an inmate, or concerned about the status of someone in particular. Whatever your reasons, accessing public records through an inmate search is perfectly legitimate and within your rights as an American Citizen. Checkpeople is one source to help you get to those records quickly and easily.

Minnesota Inmate Search

What makes an inmate search possible?

It may seem strange that you can access detailed information about a particular inmate so quickly. In reality, people have been conducting legal inmate searches for decades – it is just easier with all the resources we have today.

Since the Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1967, all public records have been open and available to all Americans. Inmate searches have been possible ever since for those who know how. Today, Checkpeople makes it easier by compiling public records – all of which can be accessed through other sources, online or off – into one place for a particular person.

The best way to conduct an inmate search

There are many sources out there to help you gain information about a certain inmate. You just need a little information to start with.

In the state of Minnesota, the website of the Minnesota Department of Corrections can be a good place to start. There, you can complete an offender search using either an inmates first and last name or their MNDOC Offender ID (in other words, their specific identification number within the state of Minnesota Department of Corrections). The search will reveal public information about offenders who are either in prison, or have recently been released from prison and are still under the supervision of the Commissioner of Corrections.

Other databases will allow you to search Minnesota jails and prisons by county. This is a more difficult way of searching for a specific inmate, but can be helpful if you only have a first name or nickname to work with. The Department of Corrections site requires a legal first and last name if you are searching by name.

Checkpeople is a great source for a quick and hassle-free inmate search. All you need is the inmate's name, city and state, and you can view all of their publicly accessible records in one go. It is an easy way to learn someone's release date or arrest information – you can also see their DOC ID number to try a more detailed search.

What to do if you want to contact an inmate

An inmate search can be your first step in making contact with an inmate. Through Checkpeople or another online source you can learn the address of the inmate's prison or jail and their specific contact information. If you are trying to reach out to someone you know, this is great.

If you are considering making contact with an inmate you do not know personally, we advise you to use caution. It can be really nice for an inmate to receive contact from anybody, even strangers, but it is important to consider your own safety. A quick search on Checkpeople will reveal if an inmate is a violent offender, or otherwise someone you just don't want to risk contacting.

If the person you are looking for is no longer incarcerated

An inmate search through the Minnesota Department of Corrections website will not give you any information on someone who is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Commissioner of Corrections. So, someone who has been released from jail or prison and is not on parole will no longer be accessible that way.

That said, public records are always accessible as long as they are public. With Checkpeople, you can see if someone has been previously arrested or incarcerated and why. That is what makes it a good tool for gaining some peace of mind when it comes to a new neighbor or babysitter, or anyone you are feeling unsure about.

More things to consider

Conducting an inmate search in Minnesota is fairly easy. There are a lot of sources of public information out there, and as long as you know a little bit about the specific inmate, you should be able to answer your questions with minimal research.

We recommend using a Checkpeople search to learn the basics, and then, with the inmate's Department of Corrections ID number, going to the Minnesota Department of Corrections for more specific details. That way, you may be able to gain information about housing, inmate behavior, and other public information specific to incarcerated inmates.

If you are searching for information about an inmate using Checkpeople, remember to use the information you have learned responsibly. Do not try to make contact with a dangerous person, and do not use the information of Checkpeople to slander or otherwise harass an inmate.

We hope your inmate search on Checkpeople can quickly and effectively answer all of your questions.

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