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Georgia Inmate Search

When you need to find an inmate, what do you do? Inmate searches help you find out what you need to know about where an inmate is being held, what their expected release date is, and their current custody status. Each state has different procedures to follow in order to do an inmate search. Here’s an overview of how the system works in Georgia.

Georgia Inmate Search

Inmate Searches in Georgia

In the United States, inmates can be held in state or federal correctional facilities. State includes normal state prisons, but also county jails and other correctional facilities such as juvenile centers. To find a particular person who's being held in a Georgia state prison, a county jail, a federal prison, or any other correctional facility, you need to perform an inmate search.
Inmate searches can be done through a variety of methods. There are different methods for finding an inmate, depending on who has jurisdiction over them. If the inmate was processed for a federal crime, they will be in federal prison. If they were processed by a state agency, they will be in state prison. Inmates who were recently detained, are awaiting trial, or are in temporary detainment may be in an alternate facility, such as a county jail.
To find an inmate, you have to look at the right place for your information. There are a few ways to do this.

Searching the GDC Website

When you want to find an inmate being held in a Georgia state prison, you can search through the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) website. They have an inmate search interface that allows you to find inmates whose cases are being handled by the GDC. This site will search all state prisons, some county jails, and other correctional facilities overseen by the state.
To search for a particular inmate, you can use their GDC ID number or their case number. Case numbers are unique to inmates, but one inmate can have multiple case numbers at once. If they do have multiple case numbers, searching any of the numbers should yield the right results.

You can also search for an inmate using their name or a description of them. Type in their first and last name. If you don't find the person you're looking for, or if the results are too broad, you can narrow them down by adding extra information. You can search with a middle name, an alias, and a wide range of information about the person. This can include their gender, race, age range, height and weight range, eye and hair color, scars or tattoos, and specific arrest details.

The GDC allows you to see the status of all inmates that are currently incarcerated or that have been incarcerated in the past in a GDC facility. You can choose to see photos with the results or not, to help you narrow down your search faster. Not all inmates have photos available. If you want to narrow down your search, even more, you can search for specific facilities.

Federal Prison Inmate Searches

In Georgia, you cannot search federal prisons through the GDC state search system. You need to search directly on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website. There is an inmate locator tool on the BOP website to facilitate your search. You can't narrow your search down to Georgia specifically, so you will be performing a search of all federal prisons in the US.
Search for inmates based on their specific inmate number or their name. You can use the BOP register number, DCDC number, FBI number, of the INS number. For name searches, you can provide the first, last, and middle name. Middle names are optional, but they may help narrow down the search results. To further narrow down results, you can add information about the inmate's race, age, or sex.

The BOP will give you the name, register number, age, race, sex, release date (or estimated release date), and location for a particular inmate. Results can vary depending on the current status of the inmate and how recently different changes were made. Not all results will be up-to-date on recent changes.

Individual Prison Searches

If you're not able to find the information you need, or if you'd prefer to ask a certain institution directly, you can contact individual prisons. Some prisons may have their own systems online for searching, while others may need to be contacted in another way.

Individual prison searches take a lot longer and require more legwork from you. It's possible to find an inmate by contacting the prison or county jail they're in, but you may not want to try this unless you know the exact place they're being held. If you don't have any idea where they are, there may be far too many correctional facilities in Georgia for you to ask each one individually.

Does VINElink Work in Georgia?

In many states, a national service called VINElink (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) can give you information about the current status of an inmate and update you about changes. However, Georgia is one of the few US states that limits the amount of information you can receive through VINElink.

You may still be able to see some information about an inmate you're searching, but you cannot get the same amount of information you would in states with full access. Additionally, certain counties within Georgia may not be part of the VINElink system, even though the state is considered a participating state. Depending on where the crime was committed, where the inmate is being held, and which organizations are involved, you may not have access at all.

Make It Easy: Use CheckPeople

No one government system exists that lets you search all correctional facilities in Georgia for an inmate. However, you have options like CheckPeople that can do just that! CheckPeople lets you search for arrest records and other available public records for inmates. You'll get everything in one convenient interface with the same information you'd use to search other Georgia prison systems.

CheckPeople takes the same basic information (name, date of birth, age, etc.) and presents you results that match that person. You'll quickly get a result without obnoxious advertisements and up-charging. Pay a flat rate for unlimited searches every month on any number of inmates in any US states, not just in Georgia.
You can use CheckPeople as a great resource for accessing public records. However, this service is not an approved source for background checks. Even if you find arrest records and other evidence of criminal activity, you cannot use that information to influence hiring processes or tenant selection. It's perfectly legal to use CheckPeople for your own personal needs, such as searching for someone you know who's been incarcerated or looking up potential partners.

Why Is CheckPeople a Better Option?

There are other third-party options for inmate searches. However, CheckPeople is easy to use, affordable, and effective. You'll get the results you're looking for without having to endure a lot of irritating advertisements, clicking through useful extra pages, or dodging service upcharges for the information. Pay the flat rate and use the CheckPeople service for an entire month.
You'll get results pulled from numerous public sources all compiled into one place. Rather than searching the federal BOP site, GDC site, VINElink, and other individual sites until you get the right info, you can do it all at once through CheckPeople. Whatever information is publicly available about the inmate's arrest and current location, you should be able to find it through the convenient search interface.

Collecting public records and getting information can sometimes be costly. If a government clerk has to do the work for you at any point, they may charge a fee for it. These fees can add up, especially if you don't get the information you're looking for the first time. Time and money can be lost in the process. CheckPeople only has one fee, and it gives you unlimited access to the search feature for an entire month. You know what you're getting into right from the start.
You don't need anything crazy to get started. Put the details for your inmate search into CheckPeople's search interface and begin compiling the results right away. It doesn't have to be a complex process. CheckPeople makes it easy for you. Get started on your Georgia inmate search now.

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