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Six Ways to Search for a Colorado Inmate

Do you need to find an inmate in the Colorado Prison System? CheckPeople is the best way to accomplish this goal. No matter whether you want to send them a piece of information, or some money, we can help you find them.

Going to prison and being incarcerated is an extensive process. It is also recorded very accurately. The government keeps extensive archives of everyone who comes through the systems.

The problem is finding this information and obtaining it. Here at CheckPeople, we sift through those record for you, so that you can relax while we do the hard work.

But you do not have to use CheckPeople. Our website is the easiest and quickest option, but there are others. Here are five different ways to search for the Colorado prison system.

Colorado Inmate Search

Use the CDCO Search Tool

One of the first ways to find information on a prisoner or locate an inmate in the prison system is to use the Colorado Department of Corrections Offender Search Tool. You can find this tool at

The tool itself is quite helpful. You can enter any part of a first or last name, gender, or their DOCNO if you know what it is. If you know someones first name and gender, it will populate a list that only fulfills those requirements.

The website also provides some other options for searching. You can sift through parole boards, and there is even a section that will give you more information on how to use the website.

One problem with this search is that it fails to show any past criminal history. If you wanted to see someone's recent issues you would have to look into other options.

This website works well, but it does not suffice as an adequate background checking tool. You will only be able to see current prisoners who are enrolled in a prison or correction facility.

Search the Colorado state penitentiary archives

These archives are pretty extensive and date back to the early 1900s.  This is a great way to find out information about a former prisoner who might have spent time in a correction facility and is now out and on the move.

You can search the state archives at

These archives will ask for names, the years that the prisoner was incarcerated, the record type, and the county that the person was arrested in.

You can search in a comprehensive manner by just entering part of a name or year, and then you can narrow the search by putting information into the other fields.

Searching the archives only gives you the name and number of the person you are looking for, then you have to call the state and ask for them to perform a search.

Honestly, this seems like way too much work to get a record. This is limited also because they do not provide current documents. CheckPeople takes this information as a part of our search and gives it to you. You do not have to go through any of the legal loopholes such as this.

Use JPAY to Find an Inmate

This one is a good option for sending things to inmates. You can send money to an inmate or email them.

JPAY has various rates that apply to these services. The problem with this is that it costs a good bit to use their services, and it is not set up to search for inmates.

Instead, you have to have their inmate ID. If you are missing their ID number, then you will not be able to locate the inmate you are looking for in the system. So it's very specific and not extremely helpful unless you are trying to send an email or a payment to a prisoner.

This one is more difficult due to the numbers of people entered into the database. These records go back to 1892. So imagine if you are searching for a "Chris Smith."

Well, there have probably been hundreds of Chris Smith's listed in the federal database in the last 100 years, and it might be challenging for you to find the person.

It does allow you to narrow the search if you have specific ID numbers, age, sex, or race, but the search field still includes information from 49 other states that are not relevant to your search.

One More Option

You could use Our website is second to none when it comes to speed and accurate background checking.

CheckPeople will do all the work for you! One of the reasons that it is so powerful is because it manually searches all of the above websites to find what you need to know about the person in question.

Specifically, CheckPeople will search criminal records across various states, public court documents, and also perform an instant deep web search on an inmate.

Another reason you should use CheckPeople is because of its ease of use. Just take a few seconds and enter a name into the website. Next thing you know, the database is searching social media accounts, mugshots, and police reports.

FInding someone located in the Colorado prison system can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Instead of wasting your time messing around with those frustrating government websites, just let our site do the heavy lifting,

Check People is easy, fast, and accurate. Why wouldn't you use it? Try it today and stop taking our word for it!

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