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Vermont Inmate Search

When you need to find a particular inmate, whether as a victim or a family member, the process comes down to which US state the inmate is being held in. Vermont is not unique in how their correctional facilities are set up. Many US states have similar systems in place, which separate the federal, state, and local county correctional facilities. Because of this, your options are to search each individually or to use one tool to search all of them at once. Here’s a closer look at your options…

Vermont Inmate Search

Vermont Department of Corrections Searches

You can search for inmates in Vermont state prisons through the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC). On their website, they feature an offender locator tool that helps you find inmates who are currently incarcerated or who have been released. When you open the tool, you're immediately presented with a long list of inmates in the DOC system, with information about each one. From this list, you can perform a name-based search using either the first or last name, or both. Aliases are also searchable, as well as partial names. You can also search for inmates who were booked in a certain date range. All of these search options are customizable to allow you to find the person you're looking for more easily. Parolees are included in this list.

Finding an Inmate in a Vermont County Jail or Local Facility

Many local correctional facilities and county jails are not included in the Vermont DOC inmate locator search. When the correctional facility is not included in the DOC list, you need to search through its database separately for individual inmates. Each individual facility is likely to have their own online search function on their website. In cases where online search functions aren't available, you may have to manually seek out the information you want. You can contact the facilities through their posted contact information and follow their process to search for an inmate there. Some facilities may require a written letter, while others could help you search over the phone. It can help you significantly if are able to narrow down the counties or local areas where an inmate may be held, based on their case.

Federal Prison Inmate Searches in Vermont

As with other US states, Vermont's DOC does not have jurisdiction over federal prisons. If you want to look for an inmate in federal custody, you need to use the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) search tool. Even when the federal prison is within the state of Vermont, it's still a separate search than the state DOC search. A search tool for federal prison inmates can be found on the BOP website. You can use this to search for federal inmates nationwide using either a name or a specific inmate identification number is given to them. Name searches to use either first names, last names or a combination of both. You can add a middle name to narrow down the list of results for common names. Partial name searches can also be done to help you find the right person despite not knowing the correct spelling of their name. Results can be further narrowed down by specifying the age, race, and sex of the inmate you're searching for. The other option allows you to search for a particular person based on their identifying number. Their BOP register number, FBI number, INS number, or DCDC number will give you the exact result. These numbers are all unique and cannot be shared by multiple inmates. Results of searching with both methods will be the same, providing information about the location of the inmate and their sentencing and release data.

Victim Notification Systems in Vermont

Vermont is one of the US states connected to the nationwide VINElink system. The Vermont branch is referred to as the Victim Automatic Notification (VAN) system. You can register through VAN to automatically get updates when the custody status of an inmate changes. You may also be able to use VAN to find an inmate if you can't find them on your own. Most updates are sent out within 24 hours of the status change. You'll be alerted to the change as soon as the VAN system receives new information. In Vermont, you don't have to be the direct victim of a crime in order to register for updates.

Simplifying the Search Online

Using the official federal, state, and local search tools can result in a lot of legwork for you. If you want to get it done faster, you can use a third-party website instead. Many websites are advertised as inmate search tools that help you find any inmate in any state within seconds. Some claim to be free while many are not. Free websites tend to be problematic options. They may not give you all the data you need for free. Some will show you very basic data and will create a paywall between you and the information you actually wanted, forcing you to pay to see the full results. Others will be free to use but will have so many invasive advertisements or alternate requirements bombarding your screen that you'll have to wade through in order to get any actual results. Choose CheckPeople to get the right results faster. A low, flat monthly will get you unlimited searches for inmates and other information about anyone. Not only will you go through the process seamlessly, but you'll also get more data than you would from many basic inmate searches, including other public records and documents that may be relevant to the arrest and their case.

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