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New Hampshire Inmate Search

In every US state, searching for inmates requires a different process. In New Hampshire, there are a few different places you will need to look. If you know a little bit about their case, such as if it was a federal or a state case, you’ll be able to quicken the search. Even without those details, you can still find an inmate if you know some basic information about them.

New Hampshire Inmate Search

Federal Prison Searches in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, federal prisons are not under the jurisdiction of the state. Therefore, the federal prison system is searched through a different system than state prisons and other correctional facilities. Federal inmates can be searched throughout the United States by using the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate locator tool online. This search tool will ask for you to search using the inmate's name or their identification number. Numbers that can be searched include the BOP register number, FBI number, INS number, or the DCDC number. Any of these numbers should bring up the exact inmate you're searching for without giving you multiple results. The other search option is using an inmate's name. You can search for a first and last name combination, with or without a middle name, or you can use partial names. For the purpose of narrowing down search results, you're able to input optional data about the inmate's race, age, and sex.

New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC)

State-run facilities under the jurisdiction of the New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) are all searchable online. There's an inmate locator tool that can be used by anyone in or out of state. This tool will effectively search through all state prisons in New Hampshire and other state-run facilities, as well as those under NHDOC control. The tool will also find inmates under NHDOC jurisdiction that are not in NHDOC-specific facilities. You need to have the inmate's last name to search through this tool. You can also input their first name either together with the last name or alone. Partial name searches are accepted in case you don't know the correct spelling for one of the inmate's names. Through the NHDOC search, you can get information such as the inmate's identification number, housing facility, the jurisdiction of the case, and sentencing data. You can also see their age, date of birth, time of admission into custody, the date of their parole eligibility, their set maximum release date, and the date of their execution when applicable.

Local County Jails and Community Correctional Facilities

Local county correctional facilities will not appear on the list of facilities searched by the NHDOC online tool. You will have to search for any community and county facilities individually. Most of these facilities will have their own search feature to help make the process a little easier for you. But, it does help if you can narrow down where they may or may not be. If you can't use the search feature or if there isn't a search feature, you can contact the facilities individually and ask if a specific inmate is housed there. You will need to know their name and potentially some other information about them if you want to narrow down the results.

Victim Notification Systems in New Hampshire

There's a nationwide victim notification system in the US called VINElink. While it works in most states to alert you about changes to the custody status of an individual, it only has limited use in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of six US states that dramatically limits the information available through the VINElinke system. In the state of New Hampshire, only felony crime victims have access to offender status change updates and information. The victims and survivors of felony crimes can sign up to request timely information about status changes that happen with their offender. Family members and other non-victims cannot sign up for this information.

Searching Online for Inmates

The official channels are not always your easiest option. You can look online for a third-party service that helps you search all over the state at once. Many different companies offer a service like this, but not all of them are a good choice for you. Some companies will claim their service is free but will put up so many advertisements around the site that you can barely navigate it. Otherwise, they may block you from seeing the whole data results unless you pay for your search, only providing very basic information for free. Both of these practices are unhelpful and make the experience more difficult than it needs to be. CheckPeople makes it simple and affordable without inconveniencing you.

Does CheckPeople Really Make a Difference?

For a small fee, you get an entire month of unlimited search access. You can search for any number of inmates, and even repeat the same search if you forgot to write down something important. The monthly rate is very affordable and it includes all of the data about a particular person with no extra paywalls to access your full results. CheckPeople makes the process simple. All you have to know is some basic information about the New Hampshire inmate you're looking for and you can start your search today. Plug what you know into the search panel and get started right away.

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