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Missouri Inmate Search

Why is it important to conduct an inmate search? There are a variety of practical, completely ethical reasons for why one should consider checking arrest records and previous incarceration information. 

Are you looking for a long lost friend or relative that had developed some bad habits and are concerned about their well-being? Have you met a new love interest, but want to make sure they come with no serious baggage? Are you concerned about a neighbor, or want to verify that a prospective roommate does not have a seedy past?

As long as the purpose is not in violation of the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (i.e. using an inmate search for an employment screening), you are entitled to this kind of information.

Missouri has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States. The state ranks in the Top 10 as 512 per every 100,000 people living in Missouri are in prison. The state also has one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation.

Of course, that is not to say that everyone in Missouri is awful, but there are some red flags that should make you aware of who you are dealing with when it comes to dates, neighbors, roommates, friends, or family.

Missouri Inmate Search

Where do you conduct a Missouri inmate search? 

The state of Missouri, like other places in the United States, makes the record of people that are currently housed or were previously housed in federal or state institutions available to the public because it is considered a matter of public safety.

As a result, there are a variety of different websites that promise to provide the most detailed, quickest search results regarding a police report, arrest record, mugshot, or location of incarceration.

However, not all of them deliver. We are different. Our comprehensive search results get you answers, and almost immediately to prudent information that you need. You can learn more about what sets us apart by visiting www.checkpeople.com/.

Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) 

Like most states in the country, the Missouri Department of Corrections not only has its own website but online portal designed for locating inmates. It is a practical tool, but the problem with state ran searches is they are generally understaffed.

Given the high incarceration rate in Missouri, the state does its best to maintain the massive database and keep it accurate, but the information is not always legitimate. Things change as prisoners get released, and others move to another facility. So you need to exercise caution.

The state explains that the database allows, and does not allow certain things. These include: 

  • Missouri does allow the search of active offenders, including probationers and parolees.
  • Does search for individuals on a first or last name basis, including aliases.
  • Does have the right to block certain information about offenders from the public for safety or security concerns.
  • Does not provide information on discharged offenders.

Therefore, the DOC online inmate locator is a decent place to start yet it's only applicable in certain situations. And, because the state has the right to block certain information, it may not lead to many helpful answers.

Contact a State Office

The Missouri Department of Justice will also attempt to assist people that are unable to obtain information from the online portal. The Constituent Services Office – a branch located under the Missouri Department of Corrections – can help with additional assistance through email.

However, under the Missouri Statute 217.075 – it can only deliver general search information and policy clarification to you. Any specific questions about an offender's status must get addressed by the institutional caseworker or probation/parole officer handling the offender.

The process is also delayed, as it can take 24 hours or more to get a receipt, and only during regular business hours Monday through Friday. You are destined to get far better results, and in only minutes through a search at www.checkpeople.com/.

Visit the Bureau of Prisons

The Bureau of Prisons is not specific to a single state, like Missouri, but instead offers an extensive search of inmates throughout the United States. The database is fairly comprehensive, but when managing a system with over 2.2 million people currently incarcerated, and many others that have been released – it is difficult to ensure complete accuracy.

The intentions of the bureau are good natured as the organization has been around for decades in order to help ensure government stewardship regarding federal prison institutions in the United States. Their database can go back as far as 1982 to search for inmates.

Obtaining Public Records 

The United States government, and subsequent state governments, allow citizens to search for information that are matters of public interest. Arrest records, court records, mugshots, police reports and prison information are all matters of public interest.

Therefore, there are a number of different sites on the web that promise to deliver the best search results regarding criminal history. It is not surprising as one of the primary reasons people seek to find out more about another individual is usually related to a possible criminal background. However, it does not necessarily mean that all of these advertised public searches are entirely accurate.

CheckPeople actually does a comprehensive search. Unlike free services that are unreliable, our searches are some of the most detailed on the internet and we provide unlimited searches for one low, monthly cost. You can learn more about all the information we can uncover by visiting www.checkpeople.com/.

CheckPeople.com has the Best Results

We founded the website to help you make informed decisions related to public records and criminal history that you are entitled to have easy access to. Our platform is singular, there is no need to go anywhere else for a background search as we exhaustively scanned the web for a number of different public records.

Our easy-to-use platform is much less time consuming compared to many of the Missouri inmate search locators listed above. We have the best-in-class tools for legitimate search results that still respect the privacy of others and never do so unethically.

Our responsive customer service team can help give you the peace of mind that everyone deserves. Everyone has the right to stay informed – don't miss out on what www.checkpeople.com/ has to offer.

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