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Maryland Inmate Search

Finding an inmate in Maryland can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. As long as you know the inmate’s first and last name or their relevant inmate number, you can find them. There are lots of online tools to help you do your Maryland inmate search as quickly and easily as possible. It all starts with knowing if they’re in state, federal, or local county custody.

Maryland Inmate Search

Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

In Maryland, the agency that oversees state prisons is called the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS). All state prisons and some local detention centers, jails, and other correctional facilities are under their jurisdiction. They don't oversee all smaller correctional facilities within Maryland, but they do supervise all larger state prisons. If you want to search for a specific inmate within DPSCS custody, you can use their inmate locator tool. The tool uses a first and last name to give you results for all matching inmates. While you can't input any additional information to narrow down the search results, each result will show up with a date of birth and the full name of the inmate. Partial name matches will also appear, so you can search for names without knowing the full and correct spelling. There are some limitations to this search tool. While it will find all inmates in the custody of the DPSCS, it may not find inmates in short-term custody. If an inmate is short sentenced and in the custody of a facility operated by the Division of Pretrial and Detention Services they may not appear in the results. Inmates who aren't in the DPSCS custody will also not appear.

Custody Status Change Notifications

You can get information about changes to inmate status by signing up to VINElink notifications in Maryland. VINE is a multi-state system that provides alerts about custody status changes for inmates in the system. In Maryland, VINE is connected to the DPSCS and may not be connected to all local correctional facilities. Some facilities may be hooked up to VINE independently, but not all of them will be. When you register in the VINE system, you'll get notifications about a change in status for a particular inmate. If they're moved, released, or there are any other custody status changes, an alert will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Federal Prison Inmate Searches

If the inmate you're searching for is in a federal facility rather than a state facility, you can use the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate locator tool. This is a free tool from the US government to help you search for specific inmates that are in federal custody. You can also view information for inmates who have been in federal custody at any point between 1982 and the current date. Information displayed will include the location of the inmate. Using the search function, you can search based on their name or identification number. ID numbers you can use to search include their BOP register number, DCDC number, FBI number, and INS number. For name searches, you need a first and last name or partial last name. You can narrow down the search results if you know the inmate's race, age, and sex.

Searching in Other Correctional Facilities

Any facilities that aren't searched by the DPSCS or BOP systems may have to be searched independently. If you have an idea where the inmate might be, you can go to each facility's website and look for an inmate search feature. Or, you can contact the facility directly to ask if a particular inmate is there. If you can't narrow down your search to a few facilities, it may be difficult for you to locate an inmate that's in a local correctional facility. You can either wait until they're moved to a larger facility (if they will be moved), or you can use a different search feature that's more all-encompassing.

Other Online Search Options

If you can't find what you're looking for in one of the official search tools, or if you want to find an inmate without checking every individual database, a number of other options exist. There are a lot of websites online that will help you access public information about a specific inmate you want to search for. CheckPeople is one of these services. You can perform searches on anyone in the United States and find whatever records are available to point you to that person's location and current custody status in Maryland.

Why Is CheckPeople a Good Choice?

CheckPeople can give you the same publicly available information you'd get elsewhere, but all in the same page. You won't have to search through a bunch of separate databases to get answers. One search through CheckPeople's database will give you a lot of information to help you find what you're looking for. When you use CheckPeople, you won't be subjected to invasive advertisements or predatory upcharge requests. You'll pay the low flat rate and get unlimited searches every day for an entire month. The results you get will be viewable without any extra payments, surveys, advertisements, or external requirements beyond the fee you already paid. If you want to do things the easy way, try CheckPeople first. Just enter the inmate's information into the CheckPeople search bar to get started.

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