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Louisiana Inmate Search

Louisiana has over 50,000 inmates, most of which reside in either state prisons or local jails. In fact, Louisiana is known to have one of the top five incarceration rates each year.

If you have ever wondered why someone has been incarcerated or have ever wanted to reach out to an old friend that has been in prison but do not know where they are, then we are here to help you find answers.

Our Louisiana Inmate Search can review intricate details about an inmate’s situation, including pieces of information such as when the arrest occurred, what the crime was and how when they may be released from prison. Our service is easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to gain access to our detailed reports.

Louisiana Inmate Search

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The incarceration rate in Louisiana has grown rapidly. In fact, since 1970, the number of prisoners in Louisiana has grown thirty times faster than the state population. Subsequently, many who live in the state know someone who is in prison, and it can be good to look up a Louisiana inmate from time to time.

You can now say goodbye to the days of searching endlessly through off the web resources and coming to complete dead ends through online searches, and instead, let us help you find exactly what you are looking for in regard to Louisiana inmate in a matter of just a few short minutes. Our searches are completely anonymous and are likely to give you the answers to the questions or concerns you have going in.

How the process works

The process is fairly simple with our Louisiana Inmate Search. All you have to do is type in the inmate's first and last name along with their general location of where they have previously lived and allow our sophisticated search engine to go to work on your behalf. After a brief moment of checking sources and compiling the data, your report is ready to be reviewed.

What the report shows

The report might look slightly different for each Louisiana inmate, but most of our reports show the basics – which include the inmate's full name and mugshot – along with more in-depth details that may include but not be limited to the exact crime that was committed, their exact location and when they may be released.

How long the search takes

The search usually takes only a few short minutes to access the records you are looking for. At most, our Louisiana Inmate Search should yield a detailed report in ten minutes or less, allowing you to save yourself the time and trouble that may have otherwise been spent searching through various sources yourself, which may or may not provide what you are looking for.

What Makes CheckPeople Unique

Of course, there are other Louisiana Inmate Searches out there, but going with a less reliable service can be incredibly risky. Here at CheckPeople, we pride ourselves in providing each and every one of our users with accurate and reliable information that they can then use in a variety of different ways.

Reliable information

Perhaps the main thing that makes our CheckPeople Louisiana Inmate Search from others who try and provide a similar service is the fact that all of our information can be trusted. We pull all of the information found in the reports from reliable sources that only give out official, documented records of Louisiana inmates.

Safety is important

Louisiana has a high recidivism rate, and one in every three released prisoners return within three years. One of the main purposes for our service by our users is to stay safe, particularly from inmates who may be joining their community in the near future. However, it is also important for the one doing the search to stay anonymous as well, and we understand this and ensure each one of our searches is completely anonymous.

Fast customer support

While issues are rare with our sophisticated system if for any reason one were to occur you can trust that we are willing and able to get back to you with a response to your problem in a timely manner. Since all of our information is pulled from highly reliable sources, if there is an inaccurate piece of information in the report, then you can take the necessary steps to address the issue on the official government records.

Find Out About a Louisiana Inmate

Whether you are simply curious about an old friend you know is in prison now or want to reconnect with a family member you have not spoken to since they were arrested, you can find out the information necessary to allow you to do so through our Louisiana Inmate Search. All it takes is the person's first and last name, where they live or have lived in the past and a few minutes of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to answer this question is to determine when it is not appropriate to use our search service, which is anytime the reason for doing so is to harass or discriminate against a Louisiana inmate. However, as long as your intentions are honest, you should conduct a Louisiana inmate search anytime you feel it can help you gain more knowledge about a person you are interested in.

What will the Louisiana inmate search reveal?

The report should reveal the basic information about the person's conviction, which should include their mugshot, time of arrest and location. However, many of our reports go into even further depth and may even provide insights as to when they are likely to be released, how long they have served and much more.

Is it free to search for a Louisiana inmate?

Unfortunately, one of the parts that come along with only pulling from reliable sources is that it is not often free on our end, which means if it were free for users we would quickly go out of business. Subsequently, there is a minor cost when accessing our reports, although you can trust we try and keep the price as low as possible and are here to help you gain the information you are looking for without all the hassle.

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