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Illinois Inmate Search

If you’re in need of looking up an inmate, whether they’re a loved one or somebody who you prefer stays behind bars, it can be difficult looking up specific information you may need. You may not know it, but prisons and jails often have a waiting period before they’re allowed to release information to the public.

In this article, we want to help you learn the details of an inmate search to get you more informed and possibly answer any questions you may have about looking up an inmate in Illinois. We will center our discussion on our inmate search, what it is and what you can find out by completing one.

Illinois Inmate Search

What is an Inmate Search?

An inmate search can be done online or in person. When done online, using the Check People inmate search, whether that's for Illinois or any other state, you start by searching using an inmates name and their location. Doing it online is the easiest way to see the current status on whoever you're looking for.

You will have to know their first and last name in order to get a successful search result, though sometimes knowing a first name and a last initial could work if you know other details such as their age. Knowing the location the inmate is in will help drastically narrow down the search unless they have a unique name.

Another helpful feature we have is a reverse phone number tool. You can simply type in someone's phone number, if you don't know their name or location and still get results that may answer some questions you've been having.

Where To Do an Inmate Search?

When you're considering doing an inmate search on someone, whether it's an upcoming date with someone you met online, a celebrity, a loved one or somebody else, there are several different options for you.

One of the more traditional ways you can complete an inmate search in Illinois is going to your local courthouse, the courthouse in the county they were tried in, the police department or even the sheriff's website for whichever county they were in at the time.

Any of these places are sure to help you find out what information you need. If these locations are too far for you to travel to or they cost too much for your budget, like most everything these days, there's options to do it online.

If you Google inmate search, you're going to find a lot of options. What some folks may not know is that a lot of those options can be scams. They prey on innocent people, needing important information and they take your money.

Using Check People, that's not the case. You will find our inmate search right on our homepage. When using any inmate search, you want to make sure it's as accurate as possible so you know that you're not only getting the real thing but that the important information you're looking for is correct and actually helps you

We are one of the most accurate inmate searches online today. When you use our site, you will get a fast search result as we go through federal, county and state courthouses to find the most information possible and we make sure it's up-to-date. Our system goes through literally billions of online documents to find the information for your specific search.

What Will an Inmate Search Show Me?

If you've never completed an inmate search, you may be curious about what information you can actually receive from completing one. At Check People, we try to give you all the public information possible to help you in your endeavors. A handful of things you check to bring you information are as followed:

  • Lawsuits
  • Phonebook Listings
  • Liens
  • Criminal Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Traffic Reports
  • Arrest Reports
  • Civil Records

Using all of those different sources above, we are able to find who you're looking for along with additional information you may be looking for. You will be able to find out their criminal history, the length of their sentence, a photo of their mugshot, what they were charged for and more. If you're looking at getting some specific information for an inmate in Illinois, here's what you'll find if it's available:

  • Full Name
  • Sex Offender Status
  • Contact Information (Address/Phone Number)
  • Online Dating Accounts
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Immediate & Distant Relatives
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • Criminal Records
  • History Of Addresses
  • Traffic Records

With whatever information you acquire from using our inmate search tool, you can do things to keep you and your loved ones safe or get information about a loved one behind bars that can answer some questions.

You may also use this information to see if you should go on a date with someone you matched with on an app or if the new neighborhood you're looking into moving in has any criminals with history. We do want to remind you that whatever information you do find that you use it safely and legally. You don't want to be at the opposite end of an inmate search.

Why Should I Do an Inmate Search?

One of the main reasons people use an inmate search is to answer any lingering questions they may have about an individual. The results can bring you peace if you find out someone who hurt you or a loved one is behind bars, allowing you to sleep better at night knowing you're safer because of it.

Another reason people use Check People is to find out information about a loved one behind bars. Some are looking for an inmate number they need to address a letter to an inmate or to send them money to their commissary.

Is Using Check People Legal?

Using Check People to find an inmate in Illinois or anywhere in the United States for that matter is completely legal. There was an act passed called the "Freedom of Information Act" which lets the public have access to the information listed above.

Our site is regulated under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act. This allows us to give you the access needed to public records. This can be useful for someone looking up a potential employee, a future resident for landlords or used by banks and lenders when someone is looking into getting a large loan or a specific insurance type.

Lastly, you may be wondering if the search you're completing is anonymous. Is it possible that the inmate can see that you're searching for them and the answer is no. It is a private search and unless they're sitting next to you while you search, they have no way of knowing it's being done.

To Sum It Up

You know what an inmate search is, why people use them and the information you can receive upon completing one. You're able to learn a lot about someone whether that's to give you peace of mind or just a simple inmate number so you can send a letter.

Remember to use the information you find with respect and keep yourself safe. Some of the search results can be a lot of information to take in at once so don't be afraid to ease yourself into it. Thank you for considering Check People, we hope you find the information you're looking for.

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