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Idaho Inmate Search

What do you do if you need to find an inmate incarcerated by the Idaho Department of Corrections? Do you even know where to start looking? Don’t feel too bad if not, most people are in the same boat on this one.

The fact is that it can be challenging to find the information you need. If you know the inmate’s full name, it becomes easier. If not, you’re in for a bit of a search. There’s a lot of free information on the web, but you’ll have to sort through it.

Additionally, like most things in life, free information is very basic. So, if you want a more in-depth report, you’ll need to try something else—that’s where CheckPeople comes in.

For a small monthly fee, you can run as many searches as you like. What’s more, you get a wide range of information from several different sources. We use the most up-to-date software to help you get the results that you are looking to find.

Naturally, we don’t expect you just to trust that we’re the best. That’s why we’ve created this article. We’ll give you alternatives to using our service so you can decide which option is right for you.

Idaho Inmate Search

Use the Idaho Department of Corrections Offender Search

Out of all the states, Idaho does very well at providing information on current inmates, and those who've served their time. Most other states will provide information on those currently incarcerated, but that's as far as it goes.

Idaho takes a different tack. They'll give you information on prisoners incarcerated, on parole or probation. They also take things a step further by providing information on past offenders, such as where the offender has served their sentence. The info is still limited.

When you perform a check, you'll see where the inmate is, some basic details about them, and what the charges against them were. The search is free to perform and reasonably simple. You just need to provide the full names of the inmate, or the ID number.

It's not a perfect tool, though. The information provided is very basic and, if you're trying to do a basic background check, it won't cut it. Also, you can only search using some predetermined factors.

You cannot, for example, look the person up by inputting a phone number. So, this is a pretty limited option if you don't have a lot of information to go on to start with.

Use the Federal Inmate Search

Inmate Search is another free search. It will only bring up records of inmates currently serving their term. The issue with this search option is that there are hundreds of records to search through.

So, if your convict has a common name, or you're not 100-percent on their name, you're out of luck. Also, the information received is very limited in nature.

Try the Idaho Inmate Finder

This service isn't free, and you can see the difference straight away. It's not a bad option because you can search using many different criteria. So, if you have the license number of someone who sped away, for example, you can use that instead of a name.

You'll be given access to a basic report with some simple information on it, and that's where the problem lies. Your subscription allows you to make as many searches as you like. This fee covers the basic information.

Should you want more details, however, be prepared to pay up. Premium reports cost extra. So, while it's a good system, and easy to use, the costs could add up quite fast.

Check out Prison-Pro

Prison-Pro will check through the records of correction facilities run by the government. You'd probably be better off using the Department's search facilities, though.

While the results here are pretty accurate, narrowing down your search options is difficult to do. The basic search options are limited to start with, and there's no way to narrow things down more easily.

Use CheckPeople

It's no idle boast when we say that CheckPeople is your best option. We scour through a number of different records to find the information you want. We provide the most accurate, up-to-date results.

Better still, we offer an affordable monthly subscription option that offers unlimited searches. And, when we say unlimited, you can take that to the bank. We don't have sneaky fees that you'll find out about after running your first search.

It's our mission to make your life as easy as possible with these searches. If the person you are checking up on has a criminal record, we'll let you know about it.

Our system is easy to use – just type in the name of the person. We'll also ask a few questions to help you narrow the search even more. What you get is a no-fuss way to search for inmates in Idaho, and the most comprehensive report possible.

You'll see things like:

  • Criminal records
  • Civil actions
  • Financial information
  • Traffic reports
  • Details of arrests
  • Lawsuits
  • Contact details that have been published online

You could use any of the other options that you've seen above. You'll get some information from all of them. You won't, however, get the amount of information that we provide at a better cost.

We aim to make searching for the details that you need as easy as possible. Check us out for yourself – you'll be glad that you did.

How to Contact an Inmate

We can help you find the inmate that you're trying to find. What we can't do, however, is to put you in touch with them. There are strict rules about how inmates are approached in prison.

We suggest checking the general requirements on the Department of Corrections website. To be on the safe side, we'd also suggest that you put in a quick call to the prison concerned. They'll be able to tell you exactly what procedures must be followed.

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