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Alabama Inmate Search

Whether you have a loved one in prison or you’re looking up someone who hurt you or someone you love, it’s hard to get the information you’re looking for. A lot of the times jails and prisons will wait a certain amount of time before releasing information to the public. Today you will learn specific information on how to handle if you’re looking for an inmate in Alabama. If you’ve been trying to find someone based off public record and coming up short you may want to try using an inmate search to help you get some answers and find who you are looking for.

Alabama Inmate Search

What is an Inmate Search?

When you use a website such as Check People, you're able to search for an inmate by name and location. It's the easiest way to check up on anyone whether they are family, an upcoming date or a celebrity. You will only need their first and last name to complete the search, though location helps to narrow it down if the inmate has a common name. Check People even allows you to use their reverse phone number tool if that's the information you have to work with. Thought this article is specifically for an Alabama inmate search, you can search for an inmate in any state on Check People.

Why Should I Do an Inmate Search?

Well for starters, it can be one of the easiest ways to bring peace of mind if you're hoping to see someone locked up. If you find yourself in the position of needing to know for sure if someone specifically is behind bars so that you can rest easy at night, an inmate search can help you with that. You could also just be curious where your friend or family member ended up after being found guilty, an inmate search will give you that information, along with their inmate number so you can do things like adding money to their commissary. You could also need information found on an inmate search if you're on an inmate's approved mailing list.

Where To Do an Inmate Search?

If you find yourself interested in completing an inmate search, you have several routes you could take. The most well-known and traditional of those routes is to go through a courthouse or by visiting the police department. On this note, you could also go to the specific county they were tried in and look upon the county sheriff's website. If these methods don't work for you or cost you money you don't have, you can use the good old world wide web.

There are a variety of different inmate searches you could use online. They're mostly similar to each other but the biggest difference would be accuracy; and when you're looking for something as important as this, accuracy is of utmost importance. You read a little about Check People earlier, and that's because it is one of the most accurate ways to help you find an inmate. With Check People, we will quickly run through the state, county and federal courthouses to get as much and as recent information as possible. When we do this, we go through billions on online documents to find exactly what you're looking for. As we said, other websites and online inmate searches aren't nearly as accurate and can charge you to use what should be a free service.

What Will an Inmate Search Show Me?

On Check People, we will show you just about anything you're looking for. We use the following things to find the inmate you're looking for:

  • Criminal Records
  • Civil Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Lawsuits
  • Liens
  • Arrest Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Phonebook Listings

Now from all of those sources, we are able to find the inmate. Once that is done, you will be able to learn a ton about the individual, their sentence and their criminal history. Since we said there is a lot you can learn from someone by searching them on Check People, here's a list of information you could find out if you're looking for someone in Alabama.

  • Contact Information
  • Sex Offender Status
  • Full Name
  • Traffic Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Immediate & Distant Relatives
  • Current & Prior Addresses
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • Online Dating Accounts

Once you have this information, you're able to do things that better your safety because of it. A lot of people will check in the person they met on a dating app is safe or if they have any criminal record. If you move to a new neighborhood, you can check to make sure none of your neighbors have a positive sex offender status. It is advised to use the information you receive safely and legally.

Is Using Check People Legal?

If you're wondering about the safety and legality of looking up an Alabama inmate, leave your worries at the door, it's legal. The Freedom of Information Act that passed allows the public to access things like criminal records, arrest records, sex offender status and the rest of the information we talked about above.

Check People specifically is regulated under something called the Fair Credit and Reporting Act. What this act does is legally allow access to public records which can be used to potential employers, future landlords and to see if the individual will be approved for something like a loan or insurance. On a more comforting note, when you use Check People, you can rest assured knowing that the person you looked up won't know you did it. It's anonymous for the safety of yourself and your family. It's a private search that they will have no access to.


After reading this article you now know what is used when completing an Alabama inmate search. You can find a ton of information on any individual whether they're an inmate or not. Using your new found information safely and legally to make you sleep better at night is what's the most important. We hope you find what you're looking for and it can bring a bit of ease to your life.

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