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Technology to Protect Your Kids

Nancy Patterson - April 23, 2020

You may or may not have heard the news coverage about a man named Bob Burdett, who had an unfortunate accident while mountain biking at Riverside State Park, in Spokane, Washington. Bob had approached a sharp turn at the bottom of Doomsday Hill (catchy name…) at more than 20 mph. The short story is Bob, who was on his way to meet his son for some riding went left, but unfortunately his bike went right. Bob was knocked out cold. But fortunately for him he was wearing a device that many of us already have and wear that sensed that Bob had a sudden impact, and because Bob was immobile for more 60 seconds it alerted first responders who were able to locate the 62-year-old Bob (PHEW!).

Can you imagine something happening to a loved one? The thought is dreadful enough before considering your children, at which point at healthy dose of agoraphobia could set in (or at least a new exotic form of parental anxiety…lol?).

Okay, but let’s get real, right? We aren’t all tech savvy, and frankly speaking being a parent is busy enough, how are you supposed to now also run a full 24/7 security op on your kids? Relax soldier, this is 2019 (unless you’re reading this from the future… whoa.). The tech world has got this game figured out for you. Let’s talk about some of the latest in child safety tech that help you manage the danger factor your children face when stepping out into the world.

The Basics of Controlling Content

I don’t think I am stepping out on a limb here when by assuming that most of us parents/caregivers didn’t raise our kids in a cave isolated from other children and influence. That said, yes, your kid has heard about and has probably already seen more than you can imagine at younger and younger ages. Inappropriate material has made its way to our children’s eyeballs at an alarming rate. That aside though, monitoring and limiting screen time should be a goal for all of us. Kids used to play outside, where the sun is. I’m not making that up.

As I mentioned (excluding you future folk) this is 2019 and most smart tech these days comes with built in parental control features within the settings. You can limit online time, content type and even prevent purchases. There are for sure some third party developers that have apps and software you can purchase if you do not find the built in features are enough, but doing the basics will at least give you some peace of mind.

Tracking Tech

Alright so you want to know where your kid is and how they are doing, and you don’t want to have to ask (you shouldn’t have to). Well there are several great products that give you a great means of tracking your kids.

In the introduction I mentioned Bob. Bob was wearing an Apple Watch. Bob had turned on the “fall-detection” feature on his watch. When Bob had his horrible spill and was knocked out, the Apple Watch not only detected it, but because Bob had been immobile for 60 seconds, the phone called 911 and first responders were deployed. Bob was found with a few cuts and scrapes but is now on his way back to health. Bob’s watch also notified his son (his emergency contact) about the fall who was able to also respond much faster.

Back in July in Largo, FL, Adam Vachon was arrested after he stole a truck with a child inside. Vachon let the child go when he realized he was in the car, however, because of a GPS child in the child’s watch (which was still in the car) the vehicle along with Vachon were located. Simply AMAZING!

Online Public Records

The best offense is a good defense. We’ve all heard that proverb. Well there is a lot of merit in that. Sometimes protecting your kids has very little to do with your child, and rather who your child is around.

You may consider doing a background check on adults your child comes in regular contact with. You can look into the background of other parents, teachers, caregivers, neighbors you name it. If they are in regular contact with your child you might as well have the security of knowing you aren’t leaving your child with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Using CheckPeople’s Background Check Search gives you access to over 6 Billion Public Records!

Don’t Freak Out

Remember it’s easy to let our imaginations get away with our emotions. However at the same time it’s better to error on the side of caution. God forbid anything happen to anyone we love that could have easily been prevented. That’s personally my worst nightmare and what keeps me writing about the dangers we all face online.

Just breathe and know that following a few of these simple tips will give you a greater sense of security and control. You got this!

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