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Nosey Neighbors Know More Than You Know!

Michelle Wilson - July 18, 2019

Nosey neighbors know more than you know

Ever have one of those nosey neighbors who always seems to be looking through the cracks of their blinds as you cary on with your day? Those types that are spying on the entire neighborhood and always seem to have gossip about something going on. Well as it turns out, they may have more insight in you and your life than you could have ever imagined. Even if you could be considered a hermit in comparison to most, your neighbors may have searched you out to see what they could find.

What do they know and where are they finding this information? These are some scenarios we have heard about.

Politics Isn’t That Personal

Your neighbors may have a keen sense of observation, but one doesn’t need to be too aware to glean which way you lean politically. Of course if you are the type to post up signs on your lawn for the political figures you support, this might be of little concern to you as you aren’t shy about your beliefs. However you may be a little more subdued about your opinions but are sharing clues anyway. Statistically speaking, let’s say your neighbor has an American Flag flying from their home. Well it turns out, they most likely lean right. Where as those who post rainbow colored flags for example, may lean more left. Giving away clues about your politics wasn’t the goal of your flags, but certainly helps nosey neighbors put together puzzle pieces.

Going On A Trip?

Are you broadcasting that you aren’t home? Well to a nosey neighbor that could certainly be the case. Maybe newspapers are piling up on your front step. Maybe your yard could use a cut since you haven’t been there in a while, or maybe your home is pitch black all night every night.

There are telltale signs of being away and nosey neighbors always seem to know. It might be a good time to consider setting timers on lights. This will help deter burglars while you are on your trip, as well as keep nosey neighbors at bay.

Finances In The Records

Did you know that many of our public records are available for just about anyone to go through. What kind of records are we talking about? Well it could be one of a number of things. Census records, bankruptcy reports, income records and even current and past properties you have lived at or own. This gives nosey neighbors quite a lot to go on. From career choices, moving history and financial hardships. It is quite alarming when that information comes up in a conversation with a neighbor when you have never volunteered the information in the first place.

Your neighbors might even be able to tell how much and where you like to shop, or even if you have received a promotion at work. New cars, regular package deliveries etc are all clues to financial changes. And putting together the clues isn’t difficult.

Strange Habits You Have

Are you someone who finds it difficult to get rid of things you own? Maybe you’ve heard to term “hoarder” floated in your presence based on your living situation. Maybe you have junk that can be seen through your windows, or piling up in your backyard. Maybe you are someone who enjoys mowing the lawn at dusk (stop btw… we want to relax after work, we don’t need to see you out there exerting yourself!). Or maybe you are a master of your own form of Kung-Fu that you practice regularly in your backyard.

What you think of as your own private periodic activities may be your neighborhoods common knowledge.

Family Matters

If someone does a very simple and fast search of your name online, it will likely pull up a list of known relatives, if and when you were married as well as other very personal information that you just do not wish to share with anyone. If you’ve recently changed locations to try to start new this could really be a nightmare to find out your neighbors already have all the dirt on you.

Please Won’t You NOT Be My Neighbor?

The Pew Research Center released a survey back in 2018 that revealed that almost 4 of 10 Americans feel detached from their community. This is directly related to the fact that most of us these days report that we don’t communicate or even know our neighbors, which fuels a lack of trust.

It is stressful knowing that these people have access to so much of your life without you even realizing it. The one saving grace may just be that you could also perform a search on them if you were so inclined. So on that level at least the footing is even. Use CheckPeople to see what people are living around you. While you are at it, search for yourself as well and see what is visible. Knowing gives you the ability to take action and make corrections.

All this said, it might just be a good idea to get to know your neighbors a little more. Talk to them, get to know them in person. This is ultimately the only way to build trust and feel a part of your community. Our parents used to know all the people in your neighborhood right? It’s because they didn’t really have a choice. If they wanted to talk to someone they better make some friends close by. Maybe none of us are as weird as we all think.

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