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Is your Neighborhood Really That Safe?

Nancy Patterson - August 26, 2019

Is your Neighborhood Really That Safe?

When choosing a place to live we consider quite a few variables. The least of which safety. We all want to protect our loved ones and want them to have thrive. Growing up in a neighborhood where you feel safe and comfortable is how we all envision raising our family, however many neighborhoods are simply dangerous and avoiding them is the goal.

Okay so now that we have established that safety is priority #1, how do we make sure that we are selecting a safe neighborhood? If you use some basic tips you can stay ahead of the game and not be caught off guard:

  1. Explore Local News Sources
  2. Talk to Potential Neighbors
  3. Examine Property Records and Backgrounds on Neighbors

Explore Local News Sources

Realistically this is probably a more useful tool if you are moving to an entirely new location, rather than down the road, but really it can be very helpful in identifying dangerous neighborhoods. Learn about your new city, and stay up on local goings on once you live there as well. Make sure to check out all your local news sources and scour their websites for tips and information.

Do specific research. Use your local news sources as well. Read the stories that make mention of your neighborhood or local area. You’ll want to determine if you should be worried about your new location. Crime happens, everywhere, that’s a fact of life. However, you are looking for those red flags, so make sure to pay attention to whether or not you are seeing a startling number of incidents in the neighborhood you are planning your move to.

Talk to Potential Neighbors

There is no greater, and underutilized, resource for local neighborhood information than tapping the direct source… your potential neighbors. It’s only recently that people on a whole have started becoming more and more anti-social. In fact, most people these days don’t know much if anything about their neighbors. A quick “hiya!” is about the extent of most of our relationships with those who live next door (a pretty sad state of things).

So what do we suggest? Go for a walk! That’s right, it’s time to “beat the street”! Go for a walk around the neighborhoods you are considering. In a lot of areas you’ll see people outside doing yard work, or maybe just sitting on the stoop having their coffee. Strike up a conversation if they seem approachable. Ask about their opinion of the area.

Check Public Records

Listen there is no sure fire method of knowing 100% that you are moving into an amazing area… that is, until the advent of online public records searches. The depth and sources that are available to you when you do a public records source almost ensures you are leaving no stone unturned. To get real, objective, data you can use to make a real decision you can use a tool like CheckPeople.com to do that.

With CheckPeople you may just be able to get all the dirt you need in order to make an informed decision. Performing an Address Search, may shine some light and give you great information on those who live there as well as information about the property itself. You should also consider running background checks on the neighbors as well. Check to see if they have any sorted criminal history. You never know!

To Sum Up

Whether you are making a permanent move and settling down, or perhaps just a temporary one for a job, safety is always the most important! Of course pricing, home features and school districts (if you have kids) will factor in as well. But if we are honest with ourselves we know that safety often leads the way when it comes to priorities. Be safe and know where you live! Start with CheckPeople.com right now!

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