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How to Find Someone’s Birthday in 2024

Michelle Wilson - November 16, 2023

how to find someone's birthday

There are several reasons to find someone’s birthday, especially if you want to avoid asking the individual directly. Maybe you’d like to surprise them with a beautiful surprise party, or you’re embarrassed to admit you’ve forgotten a loved one’s special day. To find someone’s birthday, check social media accounts, look through their calendar, perform a records search, run a background check, or ask a family member. 

Uncovering Someone’s Birthday without Asking Them

There are several ways to uncover someone’s birthday without admitting you’ve forgotten. Although a few options seem straightforward, there are a few tricks to increase the likelihood of success.

Contact a Friend About the Questionable Birthday

If you can’t remember someone’s birthday, consider talking to a mutual friend. Unfortunately, talking to others about the person’s big day will increase their probability of finding out what you’re doing. Always start by contacting the closest mutual friend you have and ask them about the details. Tell the friend not to tell them you were asking, especially if you’re planning a surprise party.

Perform a Background Check

While it might seem extreme, running a background check will help you uncover someone’s birthday without having to ask them directly. A background report compiles relevant information about the person, including personal details, criminal history, credit reports, and more. The date of birth is always within the personal data. Many background check companies will charge a fee and may offer considerably more information than you require. If you’re not interested in these items, avoid reading them or face knowing more details about the individual than you intended.

If knowing someone’s birthday without them finding out is critical, the background report may be worth the expense. Although anyone can lie about their birthday on social media, a background check will always include accurate information according to their birth certificate.

Use Social Media to Find Someone’s Birthday

There are currently billions of active users available on social media, making it the perfect place to uncover a few details about an individual. Many users will input their birthday during the account creation process, making it a logical first step in your search. Likewise, users may have previous posts and comments about their birthday if you can scroll through their history.

Searching Through Facebook

To get started, search through Facebook by logging into your account. On the home screen, enter their name into the search bar at the top of the menu. Select their profile and locate the overview section on the account. If the birthday is listed, it will display on the main profile menu.

Alternatively, users can scroll through previous posts on the account (assuming you’re friends or connected with the account). This method may take longer to uncover but can prove helpful. Finally, you can skim through the upcoming birthday portion under your profile to see where it is listed.

Uncovering a Birthday with Twitter

Most profile information on Twitter is publicly accessible. This feature allows anyone to search through a profile to find the biography, picture, and location of the account. Occasionally, users may enter their birthday details on the profile, with the option to publicly display them. Unfortunately, the birthday function will not be publicly displayed without the express consent of the account holder.

Using Snapchat for Birthdays

Log into the Snapchat app on your mobile device and choose the Chat icon on the bottom navigation bar. Select the friend you’re trying to find and choose the rocket icon. Click the Minis button and choose the ‘Birthdays’ option from the list. The application will show a complete list of all upcoming birthdays chronologically. Search through the results for the individual you’re looking for.

Running a Generic Post Search

Many social media networks allow a previous post functionality, which connects users to a profile archive. If users connect through Snapchat, the platform will let you know if they are celebrating a birthday. Likewise, previous photos and posts can indicate when they celebrate their big day.

Ask About Celebrity Birthdays

Using celebrity birthdays is a fantastic icebreaker to get people talking. To start the conversation, talk about your current celebrity crush or other heroes you may have. Guide the conversation into shared birthdays, especially if they share the same birthday as you. As your friend, if they share any birthdays with a celebrity, take note of the person they name. If they don’t know this information, ask them to look it up while you’re there.

Try Checking Their Calendar for the Birthday

The next time you visit your friend, scan the kitchen or office for a monthly calendar. Many people will circle or write their birthday plans on the calendar. This method works best if someone else is distracting the friend in question or you have reason to be in the room if caught.

Alternatively, use the Google Calendar to connect with upcoming events. Digital calendars are a simple method of locating birthday details if you can access the account. To check your friend’s account, you’ll need their mobile device. Try browsing through an unlocked phone or ask to borrow the phone for a private call. Once you step out, open the calendar and look through the events for any highlighted dates in the system.

Talk to a Family Member

Uncovering information is as simple as asking a chatty family member. A close family member will likely know personal details about their family, which can help you discover the truth about their birthday. Start by contacting the sibling or parent if you’d like the birthday and strike up a conversation. Tell them why you need the friend’s birthday and ask if they can help you fill in the details.

If you’re planning a surprise party for someone, always remind the family member to remain quiet about the details, primarily if you’ve never spoken before. Unfortunately, some people are chatty and terrible at keeping secrets. If you’re afraid of the person snooping, avoid reaching out and perform a private search instead.

When All Else Fails

While you’d like to keep your intentions hidden, occasionally, it doesn’t work out. If you’ve tried all of these methods and you still need help finding out someone’s birthday, it may be easier to ask for the details directly. If you’ve forgotten the information, start apologizing and ask them again for the details. Ensure you include the birthday on your phone, calendar, or other safe location.


Finding someone’s birthday can be challenging, but several avenues can increase the likelihood of success. Start by researching the person on social media, talking to their friends and family, or ordering a background check to uncover the truth. If nothing else works, consider asking the individual directly, but always apologize first if you’ve forgotten the date.

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