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How to Find Someone on Social Media

Linda Collins - September 12, 2019

How to Find Someone on Social Media

Tracking down a specific social media account can be difficult in today’s technological world. Many accounts bear similar names, and most of us don’t use our real names anyways. Social media is becoming bigger and bigger, which means more and more records are being added to the mix.

Not to mention, privacy settings prevent us from seeing images that might confirm a person’s identity to us. Let’s face it, for privacy’s sake, we are happy that there is some form of settings that we can control. Nobody wants to be stalked on social media. But at the same time, this can make it challenging to locate the account for a parent, child, old friend, or potential lover. You might want to track your children, connect with an old pal, or make sure a date is telling the truth. These are all valid reasons to want to locate someone’s social media page.

Obviously, you can just enter their name into the search bar in the platform. But that might not get the job done. This article assumes that you’ve already tried that and that you are coming for more advanced tips and tricks. So without further adieu, here are just a few sophisticated ways that you can discover someone’s account on one of the larger social media platforms.

Perform a Google Search

Searching for someone on Google is one of the fastest ways to find information about them. Over 70,000, Google Searches happen every minute. Google knows how much their platform is used and ] optimized it to pull tidbits of data from the web. If you want to know more about Google Search Engines, check out this article. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/google-search-statistics

Searching the web with Google works really well until you have a common name that you need to find. If you type a common name into the search bar, there’s almost no way you discover who you are looking for at all. But, there is a way to search for pictures by using images.google.com and uploading an image in the box.

An image search can be much more successful than a webpage search, but that doesn’t mean it will always get the job done, that’s why we also recommend using our service! CheckPeople is a great way to search the web.

Use CheckPeople’s Features

Performing a quick search with us makes finding a social media account more accessible than ever.

Our site uses top-notch technology to grab info from a variety of places. It is much more thorough and reliable than a Google Search and will provide all of the social media accounts associated with the person you are searching for online. You can also use our site to narrow the search to specific cities which will prevent you from finding 100 people with the same name.

Overall, CheckPeople is one of the best ways to find someone on social media.

Use Other Forms of Social Media

To be honest, this trick isn’t that difficult. But, it can be helpful if used correctly. Open up your facebook account in a separate tab. Then go to your profile page. You will notice that the URL will read something like “facebook.com/yournamehere.” After the slash comes the person’s username. The odds are that this person uses the same username across all forms of social media.

Head on over to Twitter or Instagram, and type that same account name into the search bar. You might find that they have the same username on all sorts of social media.

This does not work all of the time, but it is a helpful tip to know if you can simply locate someone’s Facebook profile.

Phone Numbers

Did you know that you can actually find people on Facebook using their phone number? You can check to see if this setting is turned on for your account by going to “Settings” and then “Privacy” and there is a little box that says “Who can look me up by using the Phone Number provided.” Most likely, it will read “Everyone,” which means anyone can find you by entering your phone number.

A majority of people have not changed this setting. If you know the number of the person you are trying to search, you can quickly locate them by entering it into the search bar. Now it might not work that way if they have Privacy settings turned up. But you can go to “Forgotten Password” and enter it there. Then the name associated with that number will appear.

These are a few simple tricks to finding people’s Facebook accounts if you know their number already.

Use Outside Sites to Find Accounts

There are literally hundreds of sites you can use to try and locate people on various forms of social media. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Pipl
  • Zaba
  • SocialSearcher
  • Buzzsumo
  • PeekYou

These aren’t all-inclusive, and each one has it’s own flaws, but they should be able to get the job done if everything else doesn’t work.

Summing Things Up

There are a bunch of different ways to locate someone’s social media accounts. We recommend that you try each one of these ways. It is almost impossible for someone to stay hidden on social media if you work hard enough to find them.

We recommend that you keep your privacy settings turned up to avoid stalkers, and we certainly don’t encourage using these methods to stalk people. However, using social media to find a loved one or a prospective loved one is a great way to stay safe and encourage an active family community.

If you have found other ways to locate various social media accounts, please leave us a comment below. We would love to hear what you guys thought and how you used these tips to build a more secure presence online.

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