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How to Find Out Where Someone Works

Nancy Patterson - June 15, 2019

How to find where someone works

There are several reasons why you might want to know where someone works. You might want to confirm information that you were given—the person owes you money, you are looking for a dead-beat dad to serve him with court papers, you want to get in touch with an old friend, dating safety precaution— among many other reasons.

Finding people is not easy, especially if they don’t want to be found. People can take some extreme measures, such as changing their names, addresses, and deleting their social media accounts. Thankfully today, there are sites like CheckPeople.com which help you to find information about people with a simple search.

The person you are looking for might be an acquaintance or someone you know. Either way, getting information about people today has been made much simpler and faster thanks to the internet and smartphones. Here are some methods you can use to find out where someone works.

Google Search

You can find all kinds of information on Google. When you google a person’s name, you might get many results that are not related to the person you are searching. If you are looking for someone with a name similar to that of a celebrity, then this might be a bit difficult.

Google will work out well if you can search using more specifics, such as a middle name or initial. Even then, the results can still be plentiful. You can add the location of the person’s workplace and see if you get more specific results.

Other google hacks that you can use are adding quotes to the name and hyphens to remove the results that do not relate with your search. For example, if you are looking for John Doe and google gives you results of someone with the same name which is a pastor, you can add a hyphen so it can read John doe -pastor-preacher to remove the pastor from the search results.

Google works exceptionally well if the person you are searching for has an online portfolio or has posted any of their work or projects online. The downside is that you might have a hard time narrowing down the search, especially if a person does not have much of a digital footprint.

Social Media

With sites like LinkedIn, it is easy to find out where someone is currently working. LinkedIn is a social media platform, mainly for professionals. When you sign up for an account on this website, you are required to upload your curriculum vitae and fill in your past and current working experiences.

When you view someone’s profile on LinkedIn, they are notified about it. If you want to be discreet, set your profile to a private viewing mode. This will tell LinkedIn not to send a notification to the person whose profile you are checking out. Other sites like Facebook can also help you find the information that you need.

The first step is to log in to your account and put the name of the person you are looking for in the search box. When you find them, you go to their profile page, and the info you want will be there. On sites like Instagram and Twitter, you can also find out by checking the bios on their profile.

A bio is a short description of yourself. When you click on someone’s profile, the first thing you see below their picture is their bio. Some people put information like their company websites or business contacts on their bio. This should be helpful enough for you to find out where someone works if it doesn’t say exactly.

Also, on Instagram, you can go through the person’s photos checking for any that have been taken at the office or outside a building that might be their workplace. Keep an eye out for any company logo on their attire or on their office desk or even a pen that they might be holding in the photo.

Hiring a Private Investigator

Private investigators are professionals in tracking people down. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing it yourself, you can get help from a private investigator. Private investigators cost a lot of money, and some of them work on a retainer. Furthermore, they might need you to pay an hourly rate plus mileage and surveillance.

The overall cost of a private investigator can come up to $800. This can put a big dent in your wallet for such a small do-it-yourself task. Make sure you explore other avenues before settling for this option. Although they are expensive, private investigators are very useful and can find whoever you are looking for in a short time.

Ask Around

If you are looking to confirm information that you were given. You can call the company where the person said they work to verify the information. If you are entirely in the dark, you can try asking people who are in the same business or any mutual friends that you might have.

Also, if the person has affiliation with any professional body or clubs, you can call them and make inquiries. Some clubs and professional organizations may decline to give out personal information of their members for security reasons.

However, they will be happy to take a message and contact the person on your behalf if need be. If your reason may be valid enough, and you visit the club or professional body in person, you may be able to convince them to give you a lead. This does not always happen, but it won’t hurt trying.

This method works well if you know the same people. People can give you small pieces of relevant information that will lead you to find out where someone works eventually.

Public Records

Public records usually contain an individual’s personal information. You can search through government records, court records, and federal bureau databases to find out where someone works. Going through public records can be time consuming and tiresome.

Government databases usually have millions of records that you will have to go through one by one to get what you are seeking. With public records, you can find out a lot more about a person than where they work.

Once you have a company name, connect with the person’s employer, and inquire if they are still working for the company. People often change their jobs, so don’t be surprised if they moved. In such an instance, ask the employer if they know where the person transferred to and follow up from there.

Use a People Search Website

The CheckPeople people search tool will help you get detailed information on a person in a complete report that analyzes thousands of record databases, social media profiles and more.

Once you search for their names, CheckPeople.com will list the reports found under that name. You can then click on get report and view the full document with information on the person you are looking for.

Ever since most of the world moved from having landlines to cell phones, almost everybody can be contacted directly. Most official and unofficial applications require you to fill in your contact details. This means that you can be found through this number. If you only have a phone number, the name is unnecessary.

Sites like CheckPeople.com also have reverse phone lookup services where you put in the person’s phone number and then let the site do the rest. After clicking on search, CheckPeople.com will give you the personal information of the person related to that number including their name, occupation, address, and other info.

While many people can share the same name, it is not likely for people to share the same phone number. Using a phone number while doing your search will get you more specific results. This will save you a lot of time because the search takes minutes and you don’t have to go through the search results trying to sift out the person you are searching.

The information available on sites like checkPeople.com is reliable and accurate since it is derived from public records. The people finder utilizes information such as criminal records, civil records, bankruptcies, phone books listings, traffic reports, arrest reports, and lawsuits.

You might be asking yourself if all this legal. The answer is yes. It might seem like an invasion of privacy, but information such as someone’s workplace is public knowledge, that is why you can find it on public records. Additionally, the methods listed above are all legal so you will not have any issues with the law by using them.

Whether it is for personal or legal reasons, information such as this should not be used to spy on or stalk people or contact them without their consent. On a lighter note, go ahead and surprise your new love at their workplace after using CheckPeople.com.

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