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How To Do A Property Search – Find Hidden Assets Online

Nancy Patterson - August 4, 2019

How to do a property search find hidden assets online

Divorce can be quite messy. Especially when the reasons for divorce revolve around trust issues. It’s never without high levels of stress, and this has a way of getting out of hand quickly. After all, there were tons of little things your ex lied about, so nobody would blame you at all for suspecting there are much, much bigger lies as well. Hidden assets floating around.

The last thing you want to do is be a victim of this liar any longer. There is no way you are going to be eating rice day after day in some slum studio apartment, while your ex is living better than ever.

Having all the data is what will ensure you get what you deserve. You will want to use the Property Records Search on CheckPeople right away! Don’t get blindsided. Know what you’re owed!

Once you have made the mental transformation into Inspector Clouseau, we are ready to begin safeguarding your future. Money makes people act very odd and secretive, so you are well within your rights to get as much information on your soon to be ex’s finances.

Why Search For Property And Assets?

Divorce is a nasty thing, and as such brings out the ugliness in the people involved.

It’s a good chance you know someone who went through a divorce and lost nearly everything in the process, by their nasty and vindictive ex. But that is them right? We make better decisions for our own love lives and nobody WE would ever marry would EVER be capable of something like that… right? Well the truth is, unless you go through it, you never really know. In fact, not only might they be capable, they might turn out to really shine when it comes to making you pay.

That said. When this is about to happen it is typical that one side of the relationship is blindsided. After all, they aren’t leaving you easy to follow clues as to their plans.

While divorce absolutely takes the case as to the reason people hide assets and other property. There are quite a few other examples:

  • Credit Collections.

    Some people get in over their head and don’t want to give up the “toys” they can’t really afford. This can lead to shell games.

  • Taxes.

    Some people avoid taxes like the plague as they feel it is “theft”. These people like to employ the services of offshore banks and property holdings to avoid this.

  • Civil Lawsuits.

    To avoid massive payouts in civil lawsuits, people will go to great lengths to hide property and money from the record.

  • Insecurity.

    Secret nest eggs are often a huge sign that the relationship is rocky. Especially when only one party is the breadwinner things can get tricky.

Who Needs To Run A Property Search?

If divorce seems to be looming and you are unsure of your future it isn’t a bad idea to start looking into what hidden assets there might be.

If you are currently engaged in any kind of civil lawsuits, you might want to also consider doing property searches. You can find out what assets the other litigant may be hiding.

Specifically, a property owner search is a highly effective means of finding hidden property. You can find information on all kinds of property, ranging from boats, to cars, plans and even commercial properties!

It is also common for people to hide the negative information to. If you suspect someone of hiding bankruptcies or liens, and online property will show you what is out there. You certainly don’t want to be left holding the bag on a house that’s being foreclosed on. So make sure to get all your ducks in a row.

Other Ways They Hide Assets

Most of us aren’t wealthy enough to have to worry about hidden houses. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t being taken for a ride. Here are a few other ways they may be hiding money and assets:

  • Asset Transfer.

    Make sure to do searches on your spouse’s friends as well. Perhaps they recently acquired property you recognize. Maybe that’s your spouse transferring it to their name so it is not lost.

  • Fake Bills.

    Look a simple pool cleaning doesn’t cost a couple of grand. So make sure to keep an eye on bills. Look for what seems like inflated pricing. They may be skimming the cash.

  • Cash withdrawals.

    Are you noticing usual purchases have gone from simple purchases to larger tickets? They’re likely taking a cash withdrawal each visit and pocketing the money.

How To Find Out If Someone Owns Property

By using the property records search on CheckPeople, you’ll be able to look up property ownership with as little as a name, address, or telephone number.

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