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Buying a Home: Top Home Security Expert Tips

Linda Collins - August 12, 2020

CP - Buying a Home Top Home Security Expert Tips

Here’s a cuddly thought, roughly speaking, around 2 million households are broken into every year in the United States. If you are a first time home-buyer that probably isn’t a “fun fact.” The truth of the matter is you want to live in a safe area where you can feel confident that you are adequately protected.

Well we’ve got you covered. Some of the top home security experts were asked to share their tips on this very topic. But it’s not just first-time homebuyers who can benefit from these tips. If you are already a homeowner there is a lot of valuable information here.

Around The Clock

Listen we can all get caught up in a cute house in a seemingly lovely neighborhood. But what you need to understand is that it is most likely the case that when you saw the house, your realtor scheduled a time that put the house in the best possible light (they are there to sell the home after all).

Top security experts agree that you’ll want to visit the neighborhood at all times of the day to really get a good feel the real goings-on. The vibe may be very different during the day than when night falls.

Speaking of vibes. Using apps like NeighborhoodScout and AreaVibes provide up to date neighborhood crime rates, school rankings and other livability factors.

The Traffic

There are two kinds of traffic that effect your home, and security experts agree that both are potential red flags. Knowing the traffic patterns, both foot and automobile traffic, is key to finding a safe home.

Typically, this is something you will observe if you are already visiting at different parts of the day.

What kind of automobile traffic is running through the neighborhood? Do you have children who like to play outside? Is this ever an issue for other local children? Are the roads properly marked with proper signage and crosswalks? What kind of foot traffic comes through the neighborhood? Is it primarily residents or is there a lot of foot traffic for the typical commerce day?

These are all questions you should be answering before deciding if your home is safe.

Local Crime

When choosing a neighborhood one of the first things you should be doing is looking into specific crime crates in the area. Although you will find crime everywhere, it’s really the type of crime and the frequency you are looking for. No neighborhood is immune to crime, and while one may have a higher rate than others, it could be petty crime like vandalism that isn’t related to anything in the residential community.

Don’t Let Gated Communities Fool You

It is true that gated communities have fewer break ins. But the difference, when it comes to percentages is pretty nominal. In fact, there are some studies that suggest living in a gated community makes you a more tempting target (though again, we stress the percentage is in fact lower).

Confidence is great. Hubris is dangerous. It’s a good idea to keep that in mind.

Avoid Depressed Areas with Boarded Up Buildings

LListen from a buyer’s point of view the property value decreases in areas like this as long as these structures remain unused and falling into disrepair.

That said, it is also a well-known haven for undesirable activities. Activities that include prostitution, drugs, gang violence and in some cases much more serious and horrifying incidences.

If safety is the name of the game (as well as protecting your investment) than avoiding the run down areas is a true must.


The chances that you will find yourself a victim of a home-burglary are slim to none. That is the bare bones truth. But the truth is often not enough is it? When we were kids, we KNEW that there was nobody in the closet at night… we knew it, because mom or dad checked… but that wasn’t nearly good enough to keep you completely comfortable was it?

But knowing you are doing all you can to increase your safety is enough to let you get a good night sleep in a home that you feel safe in.

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